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Trying to learn hybrid/ap teemo

Creator: CrazyMBP April 19, 2012 7:23pm
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Oct 13th, 2011
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Hey guys,

Pretty new player, been playing alot of new champs, and really have fallen in love with teemo. I like building stuff like malady/nashors tooth/deathcap, sometimes madreds bloodrazor on him. I know mushrooms are pretty easily countered with oracle, but at my level, i think most people wont take advantage of it. I really like doing pretty big damage by my q, while still dealing some sweet DoT with E.

If anyone has tips/tricks/item builds/recommendations for how to play teemo this way, i'd really appreciate it! thanks!
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Apr 19th, 2012
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Hey Crazy,

I thinking about Frozen Malet give's u some healt for more surviving + damage and if ur enemie's run away then u got slow from Frozen Malet + ur W so u can alway's keep it up i think Frozen malet is an good item on Teemo ^^
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Apr 19th, 2012
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CrazyMBP, some people think that going ap teemo is useless because of the fact that u can buy and oracles, I am one of those people lol, I would go just attack speed and frozen mallet will help u especially when they hit your shrooms you can keep slowing them. Keep your Madreds Blood razor in there for a little more attack damage, once your Attack speed is capped (2.5) then you can start getting some damage in there, try this out and let me kno...Also when your playing teemo in team fights, you should always try to stay in the back of your group shooting your sweet little blow gun, not trying to get hit cause even with frozen mallet he is still very squishy
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Sep 30th, 2011
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theres a really good hybrid ap guide on, wait for it, this website! just look up teemo and you'll see it. I love it, but i changed the masteries to suit my style. i play 29/0/1 for super damage but theres a risk when im caught lol. dont listen to oracles users. use the brush, 7/10 chances theyll hit it in the brush before they go in to see it. ap teemo is one of my favorite. i go malady, nashors, ryleis, deathcap, attack speed boots, last item is situational. hope this helps. good luck!

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Mar 25th, 2011
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On hit/as Teemo es best Teemo.

Madred's Bloodrazor, Nashor's Tooth, Malady, Wit's End

Then for kicks, throw in a Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.

Why not? :3
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