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Guides of the Week! (S9 Week 44)

Creator: PsiGuard October 31, 2019 8:59pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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K/DA Player - A Kai'Sa Guide by @ Lycra
Like K/DA itself, Lycra's Kai'Sa guide is flashy and entertaining. The writing style in this guide is light and approachable which makes the actual quality of the content that much more satisfying. Kai'Sa's exciting kit and heavy presence at Worlds is bound to attract new players to the champion, so this is a great time to check out Lycra's guide and set yourself up for success.

Keep reading beyond the build information for some great gameplay tips, including a useful breakdown of different types of support lanes and how to play against them. All the fundamentals for strong and clean ADC play are here, so if you're having trouble getting consistent results from the bot lane, this information might clue you into what you can still improve.

The Perfect Fiora by @ Keynx
Keynx's Fiora guide is a relatively brief overview of the champion's build options along with a decent chunk of gameplay info, but if you're not looking closely you might miss the best part of the guide. As the Grand Duelist, matchup knowledge is paramount for a Fiora player, and Keynx delivers in spades through the Threats & Synergies tool in the cheatsheet. Check out all manner of top lane champs for mechanical tips to outplay them as well as threat ratings to help you gauge when Fiora is a safe pick or if you're in for a difficult laning phase.

The rest of the guide is worth a look too, of course. Keynx's items section offers the perfect breakdown of all of Fiora's situational item options. You'll need this knowledge to properly counterbuild your lane opponent and the enemy team to maximize your impact on the game. Making sure you're using the proper runes and items is the easiest way to make your life easier in game and gives you the tools to pull off those sick outplays.

Bring Down The Coven - Leona Support by @ Jovy
Leona is actually in a pretty strong place in the meta at the moment, with a lot of solid matchups that she can win through the sheer amount of durability and crowd control at her disposal. She's also a playmaker and fairly easy to pick up, so I'd definitely recommend taking this opportunity to check out Jovy's Leona guide and try it for yourself in game if you've never played her!

Even seasoned support players can learn something from this guide, as Jovy includes all manner of information from Leona-specific mechanical tips to breaking down generalized concepts like pressure and efficient roaming. As with all her guides, this guide also includes a link to a stand-alone warding guide (also written by Jovy) which offers essential information that every support should know.

If you liked any of these guides, be sure to give the authors a vote and comment with your thoughts! See you again next week. :)
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