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Mid September Patch Notes

Creator: Zeprido September 12, 2012 8:42pm
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Dec 19th, 2010
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Mid September Patch Notes (Release v1.0.0.147)

Syndra Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the Syndra Champion Spotlight. A unique AP carry, Syndra excels at whittling down opponents with long range skill shots and punishing them each time they attempt to last hit a minion. Remember that Dark Sphere not only functions as Dark Sovereign’s primary damage ability, but also provides additional utility to all her other spells. At Level 6, Unleashed Power’s burst damage potential can be truly intimidating, particularly if you’re keeping your sphere numbers high. Learn how to transcend your enemies in this Champion Spotlight! 1.67
  • Players may now create up to 20 mastery pages, up from 10.

League of Legends v1.0.0.147
Syndra, the Dark Sovereign
  • Transcendent (Passive) - Spells gain extra effects at max rank.
    • Dark Sphere: Deals bonus damage to champions
    • Force of Will: Increases slowing duration.
    • Scatter the Weak: Spell width increased.
  • Dark Sphere – Syndra conjures a Dark Sphere dealing magic damage. The sphere remains and can be manipulated by her other powers.
  • Force of Will – Syndra picks up and throws a minion or Dark Sphere dealing magic damage and slowing the movement speed of enemies.
  • Scatter the Weak – Syndra knocks enemies and Dark Spheres back dealing magic damage. Enemies hit by Dark Spheres become stunned.
  • Unleashed Power – Syndra bombards an enemy Champion with all of her Dark Spheres.

  • Riot Graves is now properly flagged as having sunglasses.

Spectator Mode
  • Spectators can now rearrange the display positions of any player on the scoreboard in the bottom-center of the screen by dragging that player’s bar.
  • The scoreboard has been rearranged for easier team comparisons:
    • Champion portraits have been moved to the center of the scoreboard, with minion kills immediately adjacent.
    • Items are now automatically sorted to display more expensive items toward the center of the scoreboard.
  • While drag-scrolling (default: middle mouse click + drag), the camera will now wait to move until the player drags the mouse, rather than automatically moving in the direction of the initial click.
    • E.g. if a player middle-clicks the right side of the screen, the camera will no longer automatically move to the right. Instead, it will move based on where the player drags the mouse.
      • Max scroll speed remains the same and caps out at a drag length equal to the distance between the center and edge of the screen.
    • The mouse cursor will now disappear while drag-scrolling.

New ELO Tiers
  • Season 2 rewards will be earned based on the highest rating achieved between now and the end of the season
  • Click here to view the Season 2 rewards for the various tiers.
  • Ranked rating requirements have been adjusted for Season 2
    • All players and teams who have played enough games to be rated now qualify for at least Bronze tier
    • Added a new Diamond tier above Platinum
  • Each tier now has between four and seven ranks that are achieved at breakpoints of 50 Elo
  • Medals in the summoner profile have been upgraded with completely new art
  • Earning a new rank will visually upgrade the profile medal
  • Added new requirements for Diamond tier to the normal stat medals in the profile

Co-op vs AI
  • Increased the variance in team composition makeups for Coop vs AI.

  • The time window for multikills has been increased to 10 seconds from the previous kills as opposed to 8.
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May 18th, 2010
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this is a cool patch, i guess...

getting that bundle for syndra though, her skin looks nice.
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Un-announced change: Runepages are now 2 for 6300/590

So nice.
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Aug 14th, 2011
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^ Dude, thank you SO much for letting me know that. I am desperate to get more rune pages and I was about to buy one, but now I'll just wait.


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Feb 8th, 2011
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And... it's back to the 1 for 6300 for a bit, at least in NA. A lot of people were having UI problems with the purchase box so they're working on getting it back up as soon as possible.

Thank you to jhoijhoi for the sig, and all the dividers in the guide.

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