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Worlds 2019 Has Begun!

Creator: PsiGuard October 2, 2019 7:34am
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The World Championship starts with the Play-In stage, held in Berlin, Germany. Twelve teams are ready to compete but only four will make it out of groups. Day 1 of the 2019 World Championship Play-Ins began on Oct. 02 at 1PM CET / 4AM PT.

Watch Worlds Now!

Watch Worlds streams and vods on the LoLesports site or on the official Riot Twitch or YouTube channels.

Worlds 2019 Event Details

The Worlds 2019 event runs from September 26, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PT – November 19, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. PT.

Championship Ryze
1350 RP

25% of the proceeds from Championship Ryze will go to teams competing at Worlds.

Team Revenue Sharing

Buying Championship Ryze, the Championship Ward, or Team Supporter Bundles helps support Worlds teams.

25% of the revenue from Championship Ryze will be allocated to teams who qualify for Worlds 2019. Half of this amount (12.5%) will be distributed based on tournament performance. The remaining portion (12.5%) will be distributed equally among all teams who qualify for the event.

50% of revenue from the Team Supporter Bundles is allocated to teams who qualify for Worlds 2019.

Check out the official Worlds 2019 Event post for the full details on all loot bundles, missions and the Worlds 2019 pass.
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