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4.11 Kayle Builds

Creator: Youngs July 3, 2014 2:05pm
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Jun 2nd, 2012
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Kayle changes in patch 4.11:

Righteous Fury:
BONUS ABILITY POWER RATIO +0.4 ability power ⇒ +0.2 ability power
COOLDOWN 90/75/60 seconds ⇒ 110/95/80 seconds

The two most popular builds for Kayle last patch were
  1. A DPS build that focuses on autoattacking with Righteous Fury:
    Nashor's Tooth > Berserker's Greaves > Runaan's Hurricane > Situational items such as Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, etc.
  2. A burst build that stacks AP:
    Nashor's Tooth > Sorcerer's Shoes > Rabadon's Deathcap > Lich Bane

The nerfs to the AP scaling on Righteous Fury have weakened both of these options. I think that option #2 will be hit harder because the AP that you stack won't be nearly as useful, whereas for option #1 the extra DPS that Runaan's Hurricane gives you hasn't been changed. Nonetheless, both of these builds will do less damage because of the Righteous Fury nerfs, so it's possible that AD Kayle will be the most optimal build on Kayle because her AD scaling hasn't been nerfed this patch.

Possible AD build for Kayle on patch 4.11 (Credits to this guy):
Tear of the Goddess > Blade of the Ruined King > Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Manamune > Runaan's Hurricane > Last Whisper > Trinity Force
Also, I think Youmuu's Ghostblade can be incorporated into the AD build.

Do you have any ideas on what the best build for Kayle will be now?

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