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AP On-hit Sona [ARAM Approved]

Creator: Qorn Mcbandagez March 1, 2014 9:29pm
Qorn Mcbandagez
Qorn Mcbandagez's Forum Avatar
Feb 12th, 2014
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So I've had some Marginal Success with AP On-hit Sona in ARAM Lately.

Runes are Cookie Cutter AP mid, and Masteries were 21/4/0 (Im not 30 yet D:)

Basic Build
Nashor Tooth
Death Cap
Boots of Lucidity
Liandry's Torment (Don't how else to fill this slot kinda felt burn was nice)

Basically you build up to Power Chord, Rush in with Q to get double Basic Attack Damage, and Proc Lichbane, Basic attack, W for heal, Basic Attack, Q, Basic attack, Disengage or Zhonya for reset. You literally melt squishes.

Apply ult to assist team fights, and Heal Teammates in between engages. Because you are well a support.
I went 17/9 last try.

I was curious the community thoughts on this build and its viability in SR?
<Guide Critic>
EdisonKhoo's Forum Avatar
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Jun 29th, 2013
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I suggest changing Nashor's Tooth with Void Staff.
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LevasK's Forum Avatar
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May 12th, 2013
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Like EdisonKhoo suggested I too would swap Nashor's Tooth for Void Staff also I would build either Athene's Unholy Grail or Morellonomicon for CDR and mana regen (I'm aware that you have increased mana regen in ARAM as it is, but since poke is king in ARAM you spamming Aria of Perseverance may mean victory or defeat for you team).

Other then those two things your build looks like every other AP Sona build that I've come across in Dominion and ARAM games, however in SR Mid lane Sona would be easy prey to every T1 jungler at the momment also she would have hard time vs all the T1 mid laners too, so I think you should only use this build in Dominion and ARAM.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
Darcurse's Forum Avatar
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Nov 2nd, 2010
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That would kinda kill the idea the OP tries to try with "On-Hit".

But without the Nashor's it's nothing more than her normal ARAM build anyway...

And nope...
In SR you want to be supp, you want that gold item and if the enemy foc's you, you dont want to build squishy and sth like Lich Bane.
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The_Nameless_Bard's Forum Avatar
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Jan 17th, 2011
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Spoiler: Click to view

I like DFG on AP Sona...funny ****.

I run 21-9-0 and MS quints/hybrid pen marks/armor seals/flat MR glyphs

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