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Best sivir build?

Creator: Zelnick March 29, 2016 10:10am

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Feb 9th, 2014
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A see a lot of sivir guides but none of them have my standard build, which makes me wonder: as a sivir main, am I experienced enough with her that this is a good idea and I should make a sivir guide or do I know so little about her that this is a bad idea????

My main build is usually to get Essence reaver first, typically focusing on cooldown, very rarely do I get IE first. Next, I either get lement or static shiv. Phantom Dancer against a more assassin-based team and static shiv against a team that has more of a front line that I can bounce my ricochets off and static shiv off of to get the back-line. But, the rest of the build...

My Typical Build 1
, , , , ,

It's lacking in a little bit of damage but it also gives 40% cooldown and has enough damage reduction to survive an assault from an assassin of equal level.

My Typical Build 2
, , , , ,

Gives me a lot of damage and shreds back-line fairly easily, giving a good means to apply grevious wounds and good against teams who run tanks like udyr, nasus, trundle or volibear and etc. The extra cooldown from infinity edge gives my ult a 48 sec cooldown at level 3 which helps turn the tides of team fights late game.

My Typical Build 3
, , , , ,

Good for a team that focuses more on siege and poke. If the team lacks back-line penetration I'd run statikk shiv over phantom dancer, otherwise this is useful for running away after splitting or seiging for too long.

Btw, +20 armor penetration is a different unique passive than +10 armor penetration right? those passives don't have names so I'd assume they stack since they are different values.

Other builds are usually a hybrid of build 1 and 2 and less often 3, depending on the circumstances.

The biggest difference from standard builds is the , but I usually run it because after essence reaver and a dps item, it gives me a full 40% cooldown and damage reduction which gives me good scaling into late game in addition to extra splitting power if I need it as well as transitioning from splitting to team fighting. Sometimes I will run bloodthirster if I find the cooldown is redundant such as when I have infinity edge.
The other difference is which I run instead of because my builds already give me 40% cooldown reduction, so I might as well get the extra attack speed.
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Dec 19th, 2015
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I would advise against buying ghostblade as its mostly bought early on assasins and it doesnt really offer you as much damage as something like an infinity edge or utility of qss. Deaths dance isnt the best here as 1. Brings you over the cdr cap ( even when building beserkers) and B. Doesnt offer you any crit.

Also beserker greaves are kinda underpowered right now compared it boots of lucidity as its 200 gold more expensive and the attack speed isnt as good as the summoner and spell cdr.

Seriously, Having heal and flash on lower cd can make for some clutch saves.

P.s the flat armor pen from youmuus and maw stacks
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Sep 16th, 2016
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Hi there o/

First to clarify the UNIQUE rule of League : Items with UNIQUE abilities only grant you bonus once, if you have several copies of a same item. If the UNIQUE ability has a name, it wont stack with another UNIQUE with the same name. So Basicly even heal/shield power growth of both Mikael and Encensor stack (even if they have the same ammount)

In order to know if you're skilled enough as a Sivir main. Simply look at your elo. If you are Plat+ then you're probably a good sivir among others. You can easily reach gold by random, thanks to good mechanics. But you'll need a more in depth understanding of the game to carry Plat+.

About your builds :

Build 1

Basicly the main goal of this build is dealing with divers or assassins. Phantom Dancer, Death's Dance and Guardian Angel all tend to this goal. But You also picked Dominik. However, Dominik is mostly useful when dealing with huge tanks. So you're build is somehow weird to me. Actually you use 3 item slots for a specific kind of enemy, while the 4th one is to deal with something totally different. (I don't know who you're facing tho)
I'd suggest to actually either change Dominik for something more "violent" : a second zeal or a BT if you need that lifesteal. You can also change Dominik for a Cleaver which will allow you to break through non armor stacking units. Thus you'll improve your penetration against low armor guys (mainly that eve with a Dead Man's plate, and this other ADC facing you with ~10 bonus armor) + Cleaver sinergies so well with Ricochet
Or maybe change Guardian angel for something more "violent" too. You're supposed to deal with divers with PD + DD, so you can go for Malmortius, Mercurial or Sterak instead. Basicly you'll want to buy Guardian Angel as your only defensive item, while covering your regen with BT.

I wont talk much about other build because it only relies on your opponents. But i'll talk about boots a bit.
Berserker greaves are mostly a good steroid early giving a bunch of attack speed at a much lower price than what zeal would offer. It also allow you to lately improve your kiting. When it comes to kite, every single inche of attack speed may save your life. Therefore. Sivir is mostly a utility ADC and also a caster ADC. And both Utility and Caster ADCs rely on the same stat : CDR. This is why people tends to build Lucidity on Sivir cause you can easily reach 40% CDR with 3/4 items. Then you'll somehow have your 40% cdr during the mid game allowing you to pressure more often with your R. However it's a more "skilled" way to build Utility ADCs and you don't really wanna build this in pub. Cause the game is too slow to benefit from CDR on Sivir's R

Other general things : In guides you may found "mix" of your different build, because people tend to write guide suiting to as much situations as possible. While it's not really the way you should go. That's why they look like a mix of different more specialized builds.

+ Lots of players hate Statik Shiv on Sivir due to the bad sinergy it brings to Ricochet. Statik will actually break the line shape of a minion wave and won't allow you to 3 shot an entire wave with Ricochet as some back line mage minions would be too far if Statik would kill some minions between.

Well that's kinda messy and unreadable, but it may help you understand some things about building ADCs.
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Locked for aged necromancy.

Thank you to jhoijhoi for the sig, and all the dividers in the guide.

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