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Failing to understand AP carry Kayle

Creator: AbstractSpaces December 25, 2013 1:18am
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Dec 25th, 2013
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I've seen quite a few people claiming that an AP Kayle build is the way to go. But I'm not really seeing how it can be better than an AD build.

Her Q scales equally with either AD or AP, so there's no difference there.

Her W scales with ability power, maybe I'm underestimating it's importance?

Now her E. It only gains 40% of AP as extra damage, when as far as I can tell it would benefit from the full 100% of AD.

I'm not well versed in the mathematics of LoL, but I'm told AD is more expensive than AP. Fair enough, but even so with a 60% difference in the scaling, AD surely still has a better cost/benefit ratio? Add crits into the mix and AD does even more damage.

Unless I'm grossly underestimating her W, the only way I can see an AP build coming close is if you're going for burst damage with a Lich Bane.

With the popularity of AP builds, I feel I'm missing or misunderstanding something. Anyone want to help me out?
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Jan 8th, 2012
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It's mostly because her Q is magical damage. With AP and Pen, she's got dat burst, and she can build Zhonyas or other AP Defensive items. As an AD she's forced to build heavy AD with little to no defenses. Overall her itemization is just better as AP.

Notes: AP Kayle two shots squishies.

Edit!: Also, you build nashors on the AP build for amazing CDR. AD builds have very few options for CDR, and the items that have it kinda suck on Kayle (Cleaver, Youmuu's)
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Feb 8th, 2011
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You do go for burst damage. That's usually what an AP mid does.

E has more than a 40% AP scaling since it's AoE and can hit multiple targets. Plus, the AP ratio is a static 40% instead of scaling up to 40% when the skill is maxed out.
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Apr 2nd, 2013
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Better itemization, more damage until AD is 6 items, a lot more burst (you always go Lich Bane), better healing.

I've done the math a million times. AD does more damage, but when you factor in CDR, AP is way better.

Also, AD does more damage in extended fights, which don't really happen that often, especially being a squishy and frequently targeted champion. So you get AP for that burst AND consistent damage. It's just overall a much better path.
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Dec 6th, 2012
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In my opinion AD kayle is the worst, not bad, but compared at AP kayle and hybrid kayle she hasn't any chance, AP kayle deal insane damage late game, i had a penta with her, but i prefer hybrid because have more sustain if you build Trinity Force+ Guinsoo's Rageblade+ Hextech Gunblade
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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Meh, Trinity Force is extremely expensive, Guinsoo's Rageblade is cost-efficient when its both passives are active and Hextech Gunblade is really just a waste if you don't have AD, ATK SPD and preferably some critical chance.
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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AD Kayle is bad although it has higher theoretical damage over a longer duration because as Kayle you simply cannot be consistently dealing damage with such a small range. AP Kayle on the other hand, can 1v1 assassins easily with her ult and AP burst and bully melee champs to the extreme with her range and Q burst.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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She mostly becomes a shred DPS champion when played AD, but still needs AD to remain relevant. Which is a bit of a problem given the lack of AD and CDR items. Since she really just converts the AD into magic damage, items like LW and TBC aren't super optimal either.

As an AP, she can easily run an optimal build with no real effort.

Why convert AD into magic damage when you can just build AP and do a lot more?

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