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Some critics on LoL

Creator: panagia December 27, 2011 11:39am
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Jun 6th, 2010
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Thank you for pointing that out Example.
Google has a job title called "Head of Black Community Engagement"..
I don't know whether to cry or laugh.. or both.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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Being an idiot and being disrespectful are 2 different things. Searz may not always be respectful of what you're saying, but then again you probably don't always know what you're talking about. I know I don't.

EDIT: Also, is HELLRuler your original account? Or did you get banned?

He's both idiot and disrespectful. And its HELLruler
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Dec 4th, 2011
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The phenomenon of progressively more powerful releases is called "Power Creep"; the overall power level of the game creeps upward with every update. It's been around since way before LoL. People familiar with MtG know all about this.
Thalia Kael
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Dec 5th, 2011
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i agree with searz about the anivia vs annie thing

also i think yeah maby searz was a bit disrespectful but that doesnt make him an idiot
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Apr 15th, 2011
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Lugignaf wrote:

Wall of text. Do not care to read much of it.

Riven was underpowered on release. She was so bad, RIOT had to hotfix her. Same with Lee Sin and Yorick.

Old champs have to be buffed to be competitive? No. Take Trundle or Maokai for example. Never changed on Trundle's behalf and Maokai has gotten 1 or 2 small buffs. Mostly quality of life changes. They are still competitive.

The reason that most AP carries pick Flash/Ignite is that it is such a useful combo. It allows you to be aggressive if you need to while also getting you out of stupid situations.

Stopped about there.

I have no idea why you think that way. Before and after buff, my friend plays Riven like a really annoying godly jungler.
Without smite.
Now he still does that w/o smite, but Riven seems to be really strong
Amumu Guide :D

Eve guide :D

Hope whatever I say helps! :D

PS : Not all my criticism is good. Most of the time, I just talk like that anyway. So forgive me if you get offended, unless you just can't look from my angle, or at least close enough.
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