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Thoughts on Nami

Creator: astrolia November 30, 2012 5:00pm
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Sep 24th, 2011
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"Mid Nami"

I see no reason to put Nami mid unless you're doing something gimmicky. Her best wave clearing ability is also Aqua Prison, which is her stun with a 2000 second cooldown. Because of how Ebb and Flow needs to bounce to 3 unique targets, Nami certainly works better in duo lane engagements. And you can autoattack harass enemy mids with Tidecaller's Blessing, but Nami's autoattack animation is complete molasses, and this would leave you very open to enemy harass or skill shots.

Nami's Poke in Bot Lane

Her Tidecaller's Blessing is better to use on your AD carry to poke with because AD carries have much quicker, smoother autoattack animations. Imagine it on Caitlyn with her 650 range or Ezreal's Mystic Shot - way more effective. Ebb and Flow costs too much mana (yet it's probably the best skill to level first on her for laning) to use it casually to poke with. And Aqua Prison has high base damage scaling, but what's the point of using your stun to poke? Save the cooldown.


Supports are currently classified as "poke", "sustain", and "kill". In my opinion, it's more like "defensive support" and "offensive support" and poke/sustain/peel/cc are like sub-classifications. I would lean Nami toward "defensive". Because of her cooldowns and mana costs, she feels more like a character who rewards you for using your skills to react. E.g. if Leona all-ins your carry, you can cast Aqua Prison under your carry to stun Leona while granting your carry Surging Tide's bonus movespeed. If you use Ebb and Flow to harass while you're full HP, it'll bounce back to you and do nothing. But if you wait to use it after something has started, you'll be healing while doing damage.

Nami Scales with AP

All 4 of Nami's usable abilities scale with AP. The majority of them are offensive, so magic pen reds and/or Arcane Knowledge might work pretty well on her. Exception: When you use Tidecaller's Blessing on an ally, the magic damage is based off of your AP and their magic pen.

(Note: I don't believe that all supports scale well with AP.)

Building AP on Supports

There are 2 new good ap items for supports.

1) Morello's Evil Tome was remade into Morellonomicon. Nami has 2 AoEs and her other 2 spells also do magic damage, so it's easy for her to apply the passive once people are within health range. It also gives her a ton of CDR, which the other new AP support items don't have, and that can give you flexibility with your boots 2.

2) Twin Shadows is amazing and should be built on every support to safely check areas after you lose tower vision. The ghosts will go like 3 screens away to check for people in bushes.

3) Banner of Command also adds AP, but I see no reason to build this on any support except Nunu. It would even be better on Malzahar or Elise than it would be on supports.
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Aug 8th, 2012
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Despite the fact that Nami shouldn't be played as an AP carry, her AP ratios scale very well. Aqua Prison is a high reward skillshot - it does quite a bit of damage and the stun is just long enough for you or a team-mate to pull off some decent damage.
Nami feels a lot like Janna in some ways - both can't be classified as 'sustain', 'poke' or 'kill'. She seems to work really well with the Holy Trinity, as most supports do.
I like Nami, she's quite different from other supports. Her Aqua Prison is somewhat difficult to land, but when you do, you need to rely on your ADC to react quickly. Ebb and Flow's mana costs are too high IMO, but that justifies the fact that you should take Chalice of Harmony on her. I think a good low cost poke on her would be Tidecaller's Blessing, as it also procs the Pickpocket mastery.
I've yet to learn how to play her GOOD, and her mechanics. I'm expecting nerfs to her as well.

p.s. Astrolia, I am a huge fan of yours. You make supporting look awesome.
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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I wanted to find out myself, why did I look at this!

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Jun 24th, 2011
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From playing AD with/against a couple Nami supports she seems to be pretty strong. Her heal restores more health than any other support except for Soraka, her CC is good and the movespeed/slow combo seems great for harassing and chasing down your opponents.
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Jun 24th, 2011
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I've been pretty impressed with Nami. Very good support from what I've seen.

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