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Tryndamere Item Questions/Discussion

Creator: Shredhart1
August 18, 2012 10:08am
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Shredhart1 » August 18, 2012 10:08am | Report
So I've really been playing around with Tryndamere a lot lately. I have no idea why, but he just has my interest atm. I've tried a few different builds, and all of them have worked quite well. I'm not entirely sure if they can be classified as "Good" builds but they've worked for me. Now, let's discuss some items that I've toyed with and tell me why they're good/bad.

Frozen Mallet - I honestly think I like this for mid-lategame. It just makes his chase ability that much better. Yea, you could argue that it's not really necessary or needed because of his W, but the extra health and extra damage is welcomed, even if the slow on-hit isn't needed.

Madreds Bloodrazors - THIS is an extremely experimental/situational item. I've found it extremely helpful to shred through tanks and whatnot. I've only been practically forced to go into it once, but it was a game-changer for us. Their Jax was the only problem on their team, and I was the only one remotely capable of shutting him down. Problem was, he was tankier than all hell. And I could outdamage him if he didn't have his ult's passive. So Madreds seemed like the right choice, and it was. So, I guess my question is this. Is Madreds a bad situational item for Tryndamere? Doesn't seem like it, but I'm not necessarily "good" at the game.

Black Cleaver - Contrary to popular belief, this item is actually not terrible. At least, in my opinion. I've found it useful going against people like Cho-Gath, Voli, or any bruiser/tank. That's about ALL it's useful for, but it's worth it to shred through them like that. I've built this twice, and haven't regretted it, but it definitely doesn't have a permanent spot in my build. Also a situational item.

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Before I say anything else, that purple text is really hard to read. Please stick to the default white.

As Tryn, your usual goal in teamfights is to get in and murder their carries. He tends to build full herp derp deeps in order to do this quickly, relying on his ultimate to keep him alive and doing damage for the duration of the fight (plus giving him full rage for even more crits and therefore more damage) and then getting away with Spinning Slash before he dies. This is not always the case, but it often is.

Frozen Mallet isn't usually necessary on Tryn. You shouldn't really need to chase many people, because the idea is to make them dead before your own slow wears off. If you can't kill them before your slow wears off, it might be worth picking a different target first instead of picking up an item to improve Tryn's chase. The HP is nice, but not really worth much, and the damage is fairly minimal compared to what you could get from other items. I'd say you're better off picking up something else, like a Phantom Dancer for bonus MS, if you really need to chase.

Madred's Bloodrazor are generally not a great item on Tryn. Tryn's entire kit is built around getting critical hits, as often as possible. He wants to build AD, AS, and crit chance, because they all stack with each other multiplicatively, giving him Tons of DamageTM, just like standard ranged AD carries. The Bloodrazor give him some AS and some AD, but their main draw, the on-hit magic damage, cannot crit. This is a major drawback of the item on crit-centric champions, and is the main reason it is not built on ranged AD carries. While basically no item in the game provides as much damage as the Bloodrazor when taken in isolation, its damage pales compared to what the IE, BT, PD combination can provide.

Next time you're having trouble with a relatively tanky champion, you should either build lifesteal (though something like The Bloodthirster) or armor penetration (probably through Last Whisper).

Which brings me to The Black Cleaver. In general, with a standard IE, BT, PD build, Last Whisper provides a larger damage increase than TBC on targets with more than 150-180 armor, which is basically every bruiser and tank in mid to late game. I'm not going to say that the item is bad, but in the situation you describe buying it in, Last Whisper is probably a better choice.
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I appreciate the Response, Lifebaka.

Taking your words into consideration, I still do build Tryndamere as a Cric-centric champ. All of the items that I have listed were for my reserved "situational item" spot. My main build is Brawler's Gloves and 2 health potions, into Avarice Blade, then Berserker's Greaves, PD, BT, IE. Then I generally tend to sell my Avarice Blade for either another BT or another PD, and then build my situational item.
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On Tryndamere, I would recommend a glass cannon build such as Wriggle's Lantern -> Berserker's Greaves -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom Dancer -> Last Whisper followed by Guardian Angel and/or Quicksilver Sash. Neither of Frozen Mallet or Madred's Bloodrazor suit Tryndamere well, and The Black Cleaver is wholly outclassed by Last Whisper (which is cheaper to boot) against 3-4/5 champs of a generic team composition.
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I consider Tryndamere someone I can play when I want to win, nearly every time so here's my 2 cents.

Tryndamere has a specific job. Murder any idiot who doesn't run when they see him at the loading screen. His Passive makes him a crit based champion and his Spinning Slash gets him in and out. My classic build starts with less crit earlier on but it makes up in it's huge aggressiveness.

Infinity Edge The Bloodthirster Phantom Dancer Berserker Greaves Last Whisper and I usually end it with Guardian Angel for sorta 3 lives lol. As for The Black Cleaver, It always loses. Why? Cuz Tryndamere is OP in terms of butchering. if the enemy has ANY brains, they will all build armor, even the AD carry. this will reduce The Black Cleaver's effectiveness because Last Whisper outclasses it in damage.

Frozen Mallet- Health won't save you. Tryndamere lives b auto attacking to be honest. I mean yes, the health is fine. the AD isn't enough for a hardcore carry like you and you don't need the slow. You're so powerful, you kill them before the run unless it's someone like Dr. Mundo or Volibear and you have your W slow for that.

Madred's Bloodrazor- Nope. Your based on AD,ATS and critting on every strike to murder people. While the AD and ATS is fine, the reason people buy it is for the passive but if you buy it, you're wasting potential cuz you can't crit it.

Again, It's just my 2 cents. You can't build a lot of different things on Tryndamere. He needs ATS, AD and crit chance. Even your runes need to match that and your spells would be Flash Exhaust or Heal Ignite for aggressiveness. Maybe Surge but that's off-topic.


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Mercs or Zerker Greaves



Infinite Edge

Turn Zeal into Phantom Dancer

Get Ghostblade

Blood Thirster

Sell Ghost Blade get Last Whisper

Get an additional defensive item.
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