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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Bloodthirster

Total Price: 3400 | Recipe Price: 600 | Sell Price: 2380

LoL Item: Bloodthirster
  • 55 Attack Damage
  • 20% Critical Strike Chance
  • 18% Life Steal

UNIQUE Passive: While above 70% maximum health, gain 1040 bonus attack damage (depending on level).
  • 55 Attack Damage
  • 20% Critical Strike Chance
  • 18% Life Steal

UNIQUE Passive: While above 70% maximum health, gain 1040 bonus attack damage (depending on level).

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Pasta Bread | February 5, 2020 10:22pm
would this be good for aatrox, I normally take this on him and am wondering if it's a bad idea
TheBlueImperial (16) | February 5, 2020 10:54pm
In my opinion, Bloodthirster isn't a good option for Aatrox because a significant amount of his damage is from abilities which doesn't gain anything from life-steal. Death's Dance is the best item for Aatrox when in need of a sustain item, it provides healing on autos AND abilities.

Hope that helps! :D
Artoriasgames | November 22, 2018 7:10pm
Would this work on yorick ?
Wraxi | March 13, 2018 1:10pm
WHen you relize nasus gets this much lifesteal for free
iVlaad | May 10, 2017 10:13pm
Life steal boyz!
Ekki (86) | February 22, 2016 8:14pm
The wording makes this sound as if the shield passive could be stacked. Is this right?

Apparently the tooltip in the Mobafire database isn't correct and the shield is a UNIQUE passive, like the lifesteal.
bryther | June 23, 2015 2:28pm
and if that won't work, use leap strike and flee.
bryther | June 23, 2015 2:26pm
don't shoot me into the void, but building this on jax is not a bad idea.

because of jax' passive, he will have an increased damage output by going toe to toe.
this bonus damage(in the form of 60% bonus AS) results in a high ammount of life steal.
combine this with 2 other good jax items: ruined king blade and hydra, and you have a grand total of 42% lifesteal. because of this insane lifesteal (299,345AD + 1,955AS = 448,369DPS) you'll end up with 188,315 LS/sec. and then i'm not counting along spirit visage, trinity force and rageblade.
and the best part is: by using grandmaster's might and counter strike, you can ensure that your opponent can't deal 188,315 DPS.
Cozzen Lazza Payne | August 15, 2014 7:00am
Infinity edge will help you dish out damage a little faster then a blood thirster however blood thirster has enough life steal to drag out fights you should have lost and by goin to the jungle you can restore some hp and keep map presence longer
Cozzen Lazza Payne | August 15, 2014 6:56am
If you do stack two of them stunning and slowing you can be devastating especially in team fights tryndamere gets his alt and just flies back up xD
OliverSniper (1) | June 24, 2014 9:55am
R.I.P BT 2010-2014
Crystal-scar-miner (1) | March 4, 2014 7:04am
This is the best item in the game. You just stack the damage and the life steal is great. This is an aatrox and riven item.
Dr4gonWolf7 | January 8, 2014 2:37pm
Bloodthirster > IE.
More damage, unless you build like a phantom dancer. 25% on its own? eh.... I'd rather have 100 damage and 18% extra lifestea;(way easy to farm 30 minions)
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