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Home // News // League of Legends Early Patch 13.23 - Massive Ziggs nerfs, more Turret Gold and Vel'Koz buffs?

League of Legends Early Patch 13.23 - Massive Ziggs nerfs, more Turret Gold and Vel'Koz buffs?

Vel'Koz discussion ended up with a odd buff, Janna is receiving more love, nerfs to two gods on Jungle (Briar and Jarvan IV). This is the last patch before the huge Preseason one on the PBE, discover all the details of what's coming for League of Legends Patch 13.23 here.

Sunday 19th marks the end of the competitive schedule for League of Legends with the World Finals encounter between WBG and T1 in the match of the century heavily favored by the T1 side.

Besides that, this date is going to set the stage for what’s next in the upcoming months for League with the release of one important announcement: the LoL Pre Season 14 changes.

And because pre-season is just a turn around the corner, it is expected that this Patch is on the smaller side of things.

However, this does not mean that there aren’t a few interesting changes. Apart from gutting, even more, the new champions (Naafiri and Briar), there’s one neat adjustment to one Bird mid laner and a system change that beloved split pushers are going to love.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this Patch changes.


Vel Koz buffs

Vel'Koz getting buffs

For quite a few patches Naafiri has been dominating the Mid lane, especially in lower MMRs.

Her easy-to-play kit for an assassin and the fact she farms pretty safely make her that much stronger for players who quite frankly are not the best.

The issue comes with the fact that she also has absurd scaling making her a menace in the late game.

This should not be the case for assassins, at least not for the easier ones so Naafiri is receiving nerfs.

Now talking about buffs, there’s one buff to our favorite Void Watcher, sadly, is not a big one.


This change has sparked a lot of discussion in the League’s community. Advocate Vel’Koz mains like Azzap have been vocal about how these changes are not addressing the main problems with the champion.

Most of these comments talk about how he's not being able to compete with all of the mobility in the current league with his outdated kit.

There’s also the Phreak problem, but that’s a whole other topic.

Now, regarding unexpected changes. Azir is receiving a unique adjustment.

You can finally proc on-hit effects with your soldiers. These are up to test and we do not know if they are going to ship next patch.

Although these may end up being nerfs, this change responds to wishes for way back in the day from Azir players who wanted on-hit on their soldiers to further improve this emperor fantasy.

Are these changes going to make Azir OP? Too early to tell, next week we will certainly see a lot of new whaky builds.


Ziggs nerfed again

These changes may hurt Ziggs

Maybe because Riot is in full force preparing things for the season release in the next PBE cycle but there are not many changes coming to the bot lane.

First, there’s a small quality of Life changes to Draven’s Whirling (Death Ultimate).

Now returns after he’s dead. That’s it, but at least now you can cash out literally after being killed.

Lastly, another change to Ziggs.

Nerfs from the last patch did not hurt this Hexplosive expert a tiny bit so they are attempting another round of nerfs to stop his bot lane rampage.


Riven buffs

Not the best buff

Riven is getting a buff that did not hit the mark for most of her mains.

The discussion trended towards these changes only improving her strengths instead of helping out her shortcomings (being too feast or famine).

There’s a ton of content out there that discusses this matter more in-depth. If you are interested, check this.

Another forgotten champion receiving buffs is Trundle.

Although not as big, maybe the changes will make him more powerful against his most favored matchups and tanks, and improve his leaning against hard matchups with Q reduced mana cost.

Are these changes turning Trundle great? Probably not.

Lastly, we cannot end this section without another K’Sante round of changes.

Since the mini-rework, K’Sante has been a balance nightmare and a source of many complaints for players. Following up on the nerfs from the previous patch that nerfed his All Out (Ultimate) damage, now he’s Q is being tuned down along with the E.

K’Sante All-Out (Ultimate) is getting another nerf. Hope these changes balance him back into a healthier state.


Janna buffs

Only one support is being buffed

Changes from the last patch switched Janna from a shield bot to a more proactive play style with poking autos and spamming of the new W.

While this is fun for the game, the power simply does not cut it against other more powerful supports so Riot is following up with another buff.

Be aware of these changes though, by looking through the numbers this may propel Janna into an OP pick.


Jarvan IV nerf

The king of the jungle is finally nerfed

Saying Jarvan IV has not been a menace in the Jungle means you haven’t played the game in the last months.

Since buffs to Spear of Shojin and Goredrinker, he has been dominating all ELO brackets being his arguably worst spots being the top 5 in the role.

The Spear of Shojin + Goredrinker setup has been a great addition to a ton of Bruisers but a bit too OP for the Demacian prince.

With the Q cooldown getting decreased, don’t expect E+Q on repeat in Team fights that much. Still, this change is not as big to suddenly make Jarvan IV a bad pick so if you main him, keep playing it!

Like in K’Sante’s case, Briar has proven to be too GOOD in the Jungle when players have started to dominate her. The last patch changes did not move the needle, these? Probably do.

  • Base health: 610 >>> 590
  • Blood Frenzy (W) missing HP damage: 10% + 3.5%% bonus AD >>> 9% + 2.5%% bonus AD

The execute part of her W is getting another nerf and her Base health is decreasing.

This may be the last nail in the coffin for the Lethality Build sadly.

These changes look to impact her win rate in the more unconventional builds so if you want to do well, build Stridebreaker. It may be your only solution in the long run.

System Changes - Turret Gold changes!

Turret Gold is buffed for split push and nerfed for the team overall.

These changes are to add Snowball capabilities for the sideline players, and a solution to counter the usual strategy of stacking Dragons.

  • T2 turret gold: +125 local gold, -125 global gold T3 turret gold: +325 local gold, -125 global gold

Garen split push

Good luck stopping him

This extra Gold is going to make the likes of Illaoi, Yone, and Garen way more dangerous in the side lane.

We may see an uproar on League's subreddit though, people complain already about Hullbreaker champions, and these changes for sure will make them stronger.

For more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates, check our News section. You can also check the best guides for your champion, or look up your stats to know what to improve or showoff!

List of Changes

Champion Buffs


  • R now returns to Draven if he's dead.

  • Janna

    • P damage increased from 30% to 35%.
    • W cooldown reduced from 8-6 seconds.
    • R cooldown reduced from 130-100 seconds.


    • Q damage increased from 15-95 + 45-65% AD to 15-95 + 50-70% AD.
    • R bonus AD increased from 20% to 25%.


    • AD growth increased from 3 to 4.
    • Q mana reduced from 30 to 20.


    • P damage increased from 33-169 + 50% AP to 35-180 + 60% AP.

    Champion Nerfs


    • Base health reduced from 610 to 590.
    • W missing HP damage reduced from 10% + 3.5%% bonus AD to 9% + 2.5%% bonus AD.


    • Q mana increased from 15 to 28-20.
    • Q base damage reduced from 30-150 to 30-130 (scaling unchanged).
    • W Hexflash bug fixed.
    • E shield reduced from 45-125 + 15% bonus HP to 50-210 + 10% bonus HP.
    • R passive amp reduced from 45/60/75% to 30-78% by level.
    • R bonus AD reduced from 15/30/45 to 10/25/40 (scaling unchanged).


    • P damage reduced from 6-29.8 + 4.5% bonus AD to 5-25 + 4.5% bonus AD.
    • E2 damage reduced from 65-205 + 80% bonus AD to 60 - 180 + 80% bonus AD.

    Jarvan IV

    • Q cooldown increased from 10-6 to 10-8 seconds.


    • Q damage reduced from 95-295 to 85-285 (scaling unchanged).
    • W cooldown increased from 20-12 to 24-12 seconds.
    • W mana increased from 65 to 80.

    System Adjustments

    Turret Gold:

    • T2 turret gold: +125 local gold, -125 global gold.
    • T3 turret gold: +325 local gold, -125 global gold.

    Tooltips updated

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