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Home // News // Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.18 B Hotfix Patch – Goodbye Bilgewater

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.18 B Hotfix Patch – Goodbye Bilgewater

Nerfs to the OP Bilgewater unit and trait. Mortdog apologizes to the player base, and the complete list of changes of this sudden B-patch (Even Rogues and Strategist couldn't run from their fate)

Every new set launch comes with problems at the beginning and Horizonbound was no exception.

The TFT last mid-set 9.5 released this past Wednesday had a massive problem with one region that was overperforming in both units and traits effects, that's Bilgewater.

Bilgewater TFT comp

The pirates were too overboard

Not only the damage at 7 Bilgewater was too high so players got frustrated facing the cannons, but the units were also too good for early portions of the game to later cap out with Nilah, which was busted in PBE and didn't get changed.

Riot was aware of their mistake though. Yesterday, Riot Mortdog, TFT Led Developer, made a tweet explaining "We were too conservative coming off the back end of PBE, and missed hitting things as hard as we should have."

Today, Teamfight Tactics team released a B-Patch. I'm gonna post a list of the changes at the end. But before, here's a summary.

Comps/Units nerfs

  • Bilgewater - Nilah, Miss Fortune, and 5/7 Bilgewater
  • Strategist - Azir, and the trait Shields and bonus Ap are tuned down
  • Rogue - Massive nerfs to Qiyana and Ekko. Especially to Qiyana
  • Demacia - Poppy radiant item is being changed to Protector's Vow from Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • Void - Cho'Gath mana nerfs

Augments nerfs

  • The Boss bonus nerfed
  • Shurima's Legacy disabled
  • What the Forge health lowered

Last but not least, there were a few bug fixes to Aatrox and another round of nerfs to Rapid Firecannon. You can check all the details in the notes below.

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List of changes for TFT Patch 13.18B - Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound



  • Bugfix: Darkin revive animation is now the intended shorter time
  • Bugfix: Is now invulnerable while reviving


  • Spell Damage: 100/150/500 >>> 95/140/500

Cho Gath

  • Mana: 20/80 >>> 30/90


  • Bugfix: Ekko will no longer try to Rogue dash while he's casting, and will no longer try to cast while he's Rogue dashing. This should address cases where Ekko casts on himself while Rogue dashing during his cast
  • Spell Damage: 270/405/610 >>> 255/380/570

Miss Fortune

  • Mana: 10/50 >>> 10/60


  • AS: 0.85 >>> 0.8
  • Cleave Damage: 75/75/100% >>> 65/65/100%


  • Demacia Radiant Item: Gargoyle Stoneplate >>> Protector's Vow


  • Health: 700 >>> 650
  • Mana: 20/80 >>> 40/100
  • Spell Range: 3 >>> 2 hexes



  • 3 Piece: 140+ 40% >>> 90+30%
  • 5 Piece: 200 + 60% >>> 125 +50%
  • 7 Piece: 350+ 100% >>> 300+ 65%


  • Shield: 250/400/600/900 >>> 250/400/575/850
  • AP: 15/25/40/60 >>> 15/25/35/55


The Boss

  • AS and AP per sit-up: 45 >>> 40

Shurima's Legacy

  • Temporarily disabled

What the Forge

  • Health: 160 >>> 110


Rapid Firecannon

  • Damage Amp: 12% >>> 8%

Radiant Rapid Firecannon

  • Damage Amp: 20% >>> 15%

Bug Fixes

  • Training Dummies can no longer be recombobulated, and no longer deal Tactician damage

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