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Home // News // The most OP Bot lane pick is... Veigar ADC!?

The most OP Bot lane pick is... Veigar ADC!?

The Tiny Evil Master is terrorizing Korean Master+ with a ban rate of over 46.86%!

When Riot buffed Veigar back in patch 13.4 to improve his mid lane experience, they did not expect his bot lane state to improve that much. As of right now Veigar ADC is even being picked on Pro Play (and as you guessed, he smashed his game), and his 53% winrate in all brackets of play is proof of his strength.

Unexpected Veigar ADC Buffs

In LoL Patch 13.4, Riot buffed Veigar cast range in two skills: Baleful Strike (Q) - 950 to 1050, and Dark Matter (W) - 900 to 950. You can check the details of the patch in this summary

Although the changes seemed small at first, it fixed a lot of Veigar weakest points. Previously, Veigar ADC had to put himself in very dangerous spots when trading in lots of lanes, for instance, against long range skillshot like Ezreal's Mystic Shot (Q), or even Morgana's Dark Binding (Q), Veigar didn't had many answers, it was either move forward or get denied/poked.

Now with the buffs, Veigar ADC feels much better, the extra range makes his laning more bearable and you can even add that it also made it more oppresive.  Another point to note, the improved rage makes much more easier to land combos after placing down Event Horizon (E).

Veigar ADC synergies are better

Thresh is back in the meta, along with a few engage champions, making Veigar ADC an ideal option to shutdown a couple of the busted ADCs like Kai'Sa or Jinx for example. In a recent video by LoL Dobby (Master Korean Player), he shared a lot on the best Veigar ADC duo combos.

Alistar + Veigar (Headbutt (W) pushes them to the cage) - Ziggs + Veigar (Satchel Charge (W) push them to the cage) - Lux + Veigar (Similar to Cait) - Poppy + Veigar -  Any CC support like Rakan works too.

Ali+Veigar Duo

The stronger synergies are with Hook supports though, such as Thresh, Blitzcrank and Nautilus (No Pyke). If you want to get the best results, use Thresh, both his Death Sentence (Q) and Flay (E) work for cage combos, and his Dark Passage (W) makes up for Veigar lack of mobility. Do remind that Bot duos get refined by playing them over and over, so if you have a Duo make sure to try out this combo.

To be honest, there's still ways to counterplay the Tiny Master of Evil, for example the enemy ADC can go Cleanse (To avoid Event Horizon stun), or take heavy engage duos to punish Veigar weak early game. Despite of that, Veigar ADC if played properly can navigate those rough patches and come out on top in most of games.

Veigar ADC being hot is not new at all, he was being picked in the bot lane back in 2019 and 2022. Still, Veigar ADC was not planned at all by Riot, so after only two patches of the buffs being live Riot Phroxzon already has nerfs planned for the maniatic yordle in patch 13.6 - so better abuse him while you can. 

And what a better way to learn Veigar ADC than following the tips from the best Veigar elite players. For that reason, make sure to follow the guides from the best Veigar enthusiasts on Mobafire. Good luck one tapping ADCs on your norms/ranked.

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