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League of Legends (LoL) Question: can we talk about riven real quick?

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  • Kingarthur720

    can we talk about riven real quick?

    Can we talk about riven and he general bustedness? i feel like not enough people understand that a champion who has 4 gap closers, 2 cc abilities and a constant stacking passive dealing damage per autos at level 3 is strong or overpowered, and yet they still argue " you're just bad". I understand it isn't the case with all rivens but all rivens im up against ( elo iron 1) have either m7 smurfs or are just very very mechanically gifted. I want to address the elephant in the room her R blade of exile and wind slash. Its an AD steroid and a range buff on her entire kit plus a super hard skillshot to dodge that executes you at a decent amount of health were even an akali at lvl 6 couldn't execute enemies at that high health and she's an assassin. I would love to hear your opinions on this, riven mains and not riven mains.
  • Answers (2)

    Wicked Cherry (162) | June 12, 2020 7:29am
    Hey there,
    according to my knowledge (as non-top lane player), Riven is quite an easy champion to play. Maybe not the easiest, but she's mechanically a champion made rather for beginners. So maybe that's why you're facing "experts". But in order to make a more qualified statement, I asked a friend on that matter. He said:
    "High skullcap high reward but not op atm cos bork top lanes just op xD

    In addition, I just the general win rate (49.0%) and her win rate in Iron (40.0%) since that's the elo you've mentioned. They're both below average (50.0%), so statistically she's not that op right now. Maybe you have to work a little on your counter play. Picks like Volibear, Garen and Renekton should be working against her. If you're still facing troubles, feel free to ask Riven guide authors here on MobaFire regarding counter play and weaknesses. :)

    Hope I could help you out a little bit.
    Good luck.

    Cheers, Wicked Cherry.
    Ekki (86) | July 8, 2020 9:28am
    She's pretty bad right now AFAIK (low win rate, probably even lower in iron elo), so your problem is most likely a personal one more than an actual problem with the game. Knowing a bit more about the champion will help you overcome the matchup.

    1-She's a lane bully, which means she can and will win most trades during the lane phase and will get harder and harder as she gets kills. You need to play safe early game as she will fall off in the mid and late game (even in gold elo, most Riven players will suck in teamfights unless they kill you several times in lane).
    2-Her mobility is also her main damage source and her shield. If you're at a safe distance and she uses her mobility to catch up to you (and she's NOT already fed), you will outdamage her. Just make sure you disengage or run under tower before she gets her cooldowns back.
    3-She has no way of dealing with tanks unless she is fed. Even if she has more farm than you, once you build a couple of armor items she stops being a threat.
    4-She is hard countered by crowd control (stuns, knock ups, silences). By the late game, if your champion has good CC she can be easily negated even if you fed her in lane.
    5-If you can't counterpick her or if it doesn't make sense counterbuilding against her, you will need to play defensively and even lose farm, hoping your jungle ganks you (just don't be the ******* who asks for a gank against a 3/0 Riven which will risk a double kill) and maybe by the late game you or your team can disable her.

    As a general rule, feeding in lane is always the result of a risk you chose to take. Playing defensively is always a better idea than feeding the enemy.
    Even if you feed in lane, it's still a chance to practice some stuff. You can try stealing the enemy jungle (or taking one camp on your own jungle if your jungle lets you) and roaming to other lanes to gank or take objectives (dragon, herald). Eventually, the late game comes and you just avoid 1v1 her (or outscale her and can win the 1v1).

    Lastly, playing against smurfs will happen. Nothing to do about it, except maybe try to hold up and learn something from more experienced players.
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