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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Dzontra

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    FatelBlade (104) | July 25, 2017 9:53pm
    The name of the game with Kled is going all in. While there technically is a way to get out of fights (running with E or going in and out with it) Kled is meant to go all in.

    Against nearly any match up, ranged or melee, you will win if your W is up and you can get the hits off. On a melee top laner, you would want to hit your Q, go in and hit them with your W as your Q damage helps out. Against most range match-ups, to even get close, you'll E in, and throw your Q out as you are inside of the E animation to start it up. If you hit them, you can follow even if they have a dash with the second E. Either way, you can get the damage off of your W. If they are low enough, you can simply keep going with autoattacks.

    Do not be afraid to dismount off of Skaarl. That is meant to be bpart of the game play. You still deal a good amount of damage with your autoattacks, especially with your W. You also gain 15 fury per autoattack on an enemy champion (pretty sure) and 5 per pellet of your dismounted Q. You can keep going in and remounting, which 90% of the time means you get the kill.

    For builds, go Tiamat into Black Cleaver, and then finish a Titanic Hydra. These two items are all you need damage wise, and you can then go tanky. I personally really like Sterak's Gage, which works well with the all in play style, but other notable items include Dead Man's Plate, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Guardian Angel (I personally don't like it as it respawns you dismounted, but it has a very nice winrate). You can use lolalytics to find out more win rates and other possibilities.

    Since you're a manaless champion, don't be afraid to throw your Q out to farm. Before you get the Tiamat, you will have poor wave control (which is why we rush it), so using the Q to secure CS is fine. Also, if you land your Q on a champion, remember not to always go in. If they are able to break it, you might end up eating free minion damage from the initial hit.

    Feel free to reply if you have anymore questions!
    FatelBlade (104) | July 26, 2017 8:04pm
    Kled is simple enough that I think its fine. The biggest thing about getting good at Kled is learning what his limits are, in terms of how whether you can go all in as mini Kled and remount or you have to run away.
    Also yes, tanks are gerat to learn to teamfight, but keep in mind that each role has a specific way to learn how to behave in a team fight. Kled would be one that dives the back line, while a true tank such as Maokai would either be peeling for fed carries or locking enemy ADCs down.

    You need to treat each role as separate, since an ADC and a tank don't do the same thing in lane.
    Arcthunder (9) | September 4, 2017 12:36pm
    Although FatalBlade did get a majority of what I was going to say, I do invite you to look at my Kled guide that I've posted. I'm in the process of becoming a Kled main, so the knowledge is nice to know (although I will say that my builds are a bit...unorthodox).

    Check it out here!
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