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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Guide Updating Question

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  • TheInkKingLoL

    Guide Updating Question

    Just noticed this when working on updating one of my guides.
    Is this new? I haven't noticed it before so I was curious. If it's a glitch then now you know I guess.
  • Answers (0)

    Hades4u (452) | December 3, 2020 1:02am

    It's a new feature we're working on. It will allow authors to go back to a previous revision, in case they need to restore lost progress because of bugs, errors or accidental saves.

    We've hidden it for now since we found some errors to fix, but it will be back soon! :)
    TheInkKingLoL (43) | December 10, 2020 8:58am
    I'd just like to say I like the character count being part of it as well.

    It's funny because when I took that screenshot I had 90k characters and now am at 109k.

    Love the new feature, have already utilized it.
    Sleepininthegarden (45) | December 3, 2020 12:08pm
    As an author of big guides, coding can and will mess up sometimes to the littlest things so being able to restore a previous version is a Christmas Gift.
    Hades4u (452) | December 7, 2020 6:34am
    It's something we've been looking into for quite a while and I'm happy our developers were able to make it possible! :)
    somacrus (1) | December 6, 2020 4:37am
    it seem only admins who know about it
    Hades4u (452) | December 7, 2020 6:35am
    It should be available for every guide author now, let me know if you encounter any issues!
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