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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Has Rammus always been top-tier?

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    Has Rammus always been top-tier?

    I've been using him in ranked recently, alongside J4, and I'm realizing that he's somewhat of a solo-que king. I like his kit, while I originally thought it was unimpressive, because it removes people from the fight, while keeping a good aoe of damage (ult and shield, if attacked). Just curious if he's always been this good or maybe if he got buffed at one point to be as good as he is now.
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    UVATroller (10) | January 28, 2015 4:17pm
    Well, Rammus has mostly been an underplayed champion in high elo. Shook played Rammus at worlds and was pretty good. He could get back to the jungle in about 5 seconds with mobi boots + homeguard, and gank a lane at about 200 mph with a teleport straight from base. So yes, he is decently good for ranked. The main reason you don't see him being played a lot is because he takes along time to clear jungle minions and he takes a lot of damage from them, making counter-jungling against rammus really easy. It's also hard to gank a lot of lanes if they have good vision/timing, as they can just dodge your Powerball.
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