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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do i improve my gamesense


  • L1rxy

    How do i improve my gamesense

    I played toplane for a while, I saw some world class toplaners who notice insane things on the map and knowing if they should join fights or not.
    My question is how do you improve map awareness and knowing if fights are winnable or whether i should join or not.
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    Katasandra (59) | September 11, 2020 10:53pm
    When you want to improve at a skill in League there are a few steps you could follow:
    1. Identify what you want to improve
    2. Set a goal
    3. Execute it till it becomes a habit

    In terms of map awareness there are actually a lot of things you can do:
    1. Look at the minimap
    2. Look at your teammates' health & mana bars
    3. Moving your screen to check on your teammates (F keys/keybinds/left clicking on minimap)
    Rather than trying to do everything at once, try setting one goal first. It's easier to focus on one thing rather than many. For example: 'I'm going to check my minimap every time I lasthit a minion'. Then (try to) do this for a number of games.

    The question of whether fights are winnable or not is a more complex one. It depends on stuff like numbers advantage (if you join, do you make it a 2v3?). On your teams' & the enemies' health (if your team is low they're not likely to be able to help you). And on cooldowns (do your allies/enemies have summoners/abilities/ultimates up). Ultimately I think the best way to get to know this is just joining fights and then (after the fight or watch the replay) ask yourself WHY those fights were won or lost.
    L1rxy | September 12, 2020 11:43pm
    understood map awareness and goals, let's say i'm in a 5v5 with my team.
    they have a shen while i'm playing ornn and we both have ults.
    teams are evenly fed, who wins if we both use ulties?
    Katasandra (59) | September 13, 2020 12:22am
    There is no way to predict the outcome of that fight with the information given! If I assume that the champions on the teams are equally strong in teamfights then this is basically a coinflip. The team that plays better/does not misplay/outplays will likely come out on top...
    NixLychee | September 12, 2020 8:35am
    If you want to improve your general macro, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I suppose you should just continue to play the game. Game knowledge comes from game experience after all. A previous answer already gave excellent advice on map awareness, so I'll just skip to winning fights.
    When trying to determine the outcome of a potential fight, you need to consider:
    1. What abilities and spells are available on both sides (namely ultimates and summoner spells)
    2. Health and Mana. If your allies have low health and mana, they are at a major disadvantage against a full health enemy group.
    3. Champions in the fight. Even if you coming will only make the fight a 3v3, remember that champions make the difference in the fights, not just numbers. A full Health and Mana 2v2 with a Fiddlesticks and an Irelia vs a Janna and a Talon will be more likely to go in the direction of Irelia and Fiddlesticks, as they specialize in these situations. Try to recognize that some champions can single-handedly win a teamfight if played correctly. This will be a major determining factor of the fight.
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