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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How to complete watch 2 msi games mission

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  • Liquidx

    How to complete watch 2 msi games mission

    Confused about how to complete it fast.
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    Tempest6 (2) | May 3, 2019 10:36pm
    1 - On the client, where you have the list of missions, click the link called "Watch 2 MSI Games". This will open a browser window on the correct esports website.

    2 - Login on that website (top right corner).

    3 - If no game is currently playing, select the VODS tab (top of screen), slightly to the left).

    4 - Under "Regions & Events", make sure "MSI" is already selected. If not, click it.

    5 - From the list of games, pick one, at your choice, and let it play for, at least, 10-12 minutes. After that time, check your client, and you should see half your progress bar is filled.

    If nothing happens, check to see if you have "Rewards" activated (on the same menu where you clicked "VODS" before (top of the esports page), a bit to the right of "VODS", you'll see a link called "Rewards").

    6 - Once that's done, go back to the "VODS" list, and pick another game (different from the first you watched before). Again, let it play for 10-12 minutes.

    That's it. If you have your client open, you should hear the "mission complete" sound, and you should have the reward instantly added.
    Chromuro (47) | May 4, 2019 3:31am
    Before that he has to setup the rewards on his account or else it will be useless
    Tempest6 (2) | May 4, 2019 4:44pm
    I created 8 different acoounts this year alone, and they all start with Rewards on by default. You can try it yourself.

    Having said that, his account may be old, so I edited my original answer to add how to check if "Rewards" are on or not.
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