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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Irelia tips anyone?

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  • DanDDude

    Irelia tips anyone?

    What are the tips on using Irelia effectively? I know that the cooldown of Irelia's Q resets everytime something dies and you need to charge the W. Any combo's that I'm doing wrong?
  • Answers (1)

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    Ghodye (1) | November 23, 2018 11:51am
    If you want to improve your Irelia Skills, the practice is the right way, if you want to be a better Irelia player, you need to understand and know the champion (This is made by practicing too), but, there are a lot of things that can boost your strenght.

    Building her the right way is important, you need to know, the CD of each abilty. How to take advantage of your passive, As "A Yasuo Reformed" said, the W is used for this, chargin stacks for your passive, and also trying to avoid the Cc and damage. It depends if you are engaging, or your are deffending yourself. The use of her abilities changes. A great way to go in is:
    1. Hit them with your stun (if you miss it, the trade can turn really really bad).
    2. You can cast W (without charging), just hit the enemy with it.
    3. Go on with your Q (use tiamat if you have it)
    4. Ult the enemy (this will mark him again)
    5. Q him again.

    Also, the combo that "A Yasuo Reformed" gave you, is a variation, remember, it changes depending the situation :)

    After this, you can play with closer minions until you get your abilities again.

    Just practice and look a lot of videos. I have a short guide (Under Construction) haha, is new. You can check it out.
    A Yasuo Reformed (2) | June 21, 2018 10:25am
    Hi there,
    If you're trying to improve on your Irelia skills, I highly recommend checking out r/Irelia Mains ( some of their matchup guides and other tips for Irelia.
    As far as combos go, here are some basic ones that I use:
    Trading during laning phase (pre-6): E + E, Q to enemy, auto, Q back to enemy minion
    All in combo: R towards enemy, Q to enemy, auto, E + E, auto, Q to enemy

    Irelia's W is mostly used to "avoid cc" when used against an ability like Riven's 3rd Q or to reduce the amount of damage taken from abilities like Veigar's R. (Credit: Vapora)

    Hope that helps, I haven't experimented with new Irelia that much.
    DanDDude | June 22, 2018 4:19am
    TQ. I asked other players use Q,W,E+E also. Is this true?
    A Yasuo Reformed (2) | June 22, 2018 8:24am
    You're welcome, imo the charge up for W is just not worth the damage. You could get some quick chip damage by adding in the W to the combo (without charging it up), but I would personally auto instead. Again, whatever works for you
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