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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Reason to think friend's account has been stolen.

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  • Jack Rubino

    Reason to think friend's account has been stolen.

    I have reason to think that a my friend account has been stolen, but isnt a real friend so i cant really know it but from a chat we had just now i have my good reason to doubt.
    i cancelled my friend name from the quote.(link too)
    Jack Rubino (10:12): Sona! <3
    Jack Rubino (10:14): dude...?
    why that site?
    i wont put my username and pass there
    FRIEND NAME (10:14): it's for 2 skin
    Jack Rubino (10:14): i do not really belive that
    FRIEND NAME (10:14): it's safe
    trast me
    Jack Rubino (10:15): nah, never do it :(
    are u my sona? :(
    FRIEND NAME (10:15): yes :)
    Jack Rubino (10:15): so what am i?
    FRIEND NAME (10:15): i told you trast me bro
    Jack Rubino (10:16): if u for me are my sona <3
    for u who am i?
    FRIEND NAME (10:16): a big ****er
    Jack Rubino (10:16): U!
    Idk if u are trolling me or u are really a ****ing bastard that stole an account
    but u will pay for that
    (10:18): if u are a really thief

    any time we chat we usually start saying "sona <3" and "ezreal <3"cause of a fact happened on 1 game we played, but then when i start the conversation he linked me that and, well u can read ur self.. so i dont know if i shall report that at riot for stole account or not.. cause i dont really think they will care and i do not really want that account get banned cause could be an error and is quite old account. What should i do?
  • Answers (0)

    Geelot (2) | July 27, 2013 9:40pm
    I'm pretty sure your friend's account has been hacked. Maybe he was stupid that he entered his ID and password on that strange site that's why its hacked.
    Meiyjhe (538) | July 27, 2013 2:23pm
    First contact your real friend by using any other type of communication than LoL.
    Second, let him confirm the problem, or if he doesn't know yet, tell him the problem.
    Third, let him contact Riot support, if necessary, back him up with more information and data like you just gave us.

    Other than that, there is not much you can do (unless you are an amazing hacker yourself)
    Jack Rubino (37) | July 27, 2013 2:53pm
    hacker thing was great, but im hopeless for that :/, anyway i dont know if i can contact him in another way, maybe i have his skype , i will try, thanks.
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