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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Some ideas for Aatrox

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  • Wes Luck

    Some ideas for Aatrox

    Aatrox is one of the champions strong champions you could've encountered yet his drawbacks is one of his biggest problems other than champion counters.
    I wanna discuss HOW effective he is in terms of combat,

    But first remember these reminders.

    - Ever since the latest update came regarding his Blood Well his survival rate and handling in farming is better.

    - His rapid attacks with massive healing and damage poses as a threat even for melee basic attack users and Tank Champions

    - Has great CC such as Dark Flight and Blades of Torment, used for escaping, chasing and engage into battle

    - One of the scariest champions to see in the mid and long game.

    - Lacks counterattack methods, imagine such scenarios such as being ganked, attacked out of nowhere, and it's only a matter of time before you die. You either use all of your skills hoping to fill your passive before you get killed or escape.

    - Blood Well's downside, compare his passive to Tryndamere they are very essential in combat and survival but Aatrox's Blood Well will disappear in just few seconds when in not combat and it is required to deal and receive damage to fill and maintain the Blood Well. Simply saying that the moment when a fight started we're basically PREPARING to use Hellbent. (It's not like there are always minions and monsters before starting a battle right?)

    - Not flexible, So we know Aatrox is made to fight champions who likes going face to face such as Trundle and Tryndamere but always loses to someone who relies on spells either it's AD or AP user, basically nukers and spell reliant champions.

    This always happens when he's on the lane facing someone such as Riven who keeps harassing you with its skills preventing you to sustain yourself and from getting creep shots.


    Blood Well
    His revival is simple as Zilean's Ultimate but not pretty much of your health, so I'm thinking that its revive will be a special.

    "Upon taking fatal damage, Aatrox slows opponents around him and dealing magic damage by percentage of their health over a brief duration while recovering his Health (10-15% of his health + 70-85% of damage dealt) then gain additional attack range for 5s" - I'm just estimating the values I'm not really sure about it lol.

    Remember what I said before he needs preparation before entering a battle therefore he needs some ways to fill up his Blood Well other than attacking. I want to add up something

    "Whenever he loses 10% of his health under 5 seconds he fills 20% of the Blood Well, if Blood Well is maxed this way he dispels all CC and gain immunity from it for short duration."

    Dark Flight
    There are other champions who can jump or fly like Camille and Xayah allowing them to not receive damage at short duration. But Aatrox can reach as high as them as we seen in the games but not being invulnerable therefore I made this idea.

    - Aatrox takes a flight for 5 seconds max (Imagine he flies as nearly high as Galio lmao).
    - As long as Aatrox gets higher the spell's range, damage and AOE increases.
    - Upon reaching 2s casting time he's invulnerable.
    - If the spell's charge is more than 2 seconds Aatrox will lose some health upon landing on the target location.
    - If the spell is not used after 6.5 seconds he will come back down (Like Elise).

    Blood Thirst/Blood Price
    Nothing wrong with their effects though but I was more concerned about his attack range.

    - On third strike his attack range is increase by 200.

    Blades of Torment
    Probably the only skill that throws projectile so I'm thinking it will function like Kassadin's Force Pulse where you need a requirement before casting it but better.

    Passive: Aatrox draws blood from his vicinity, upon charging up he can release this on his next attack.
    - Whenever a minion or a monster dies within his range increases charge by 2.
    - Damaging a champion or a large monster increases it by 1, killing them increases by maximum.
    - When the charge is ready it can be released by using Dark Flight (Upon landing Aatrox releases the skill in front of him) or using a basic attack.

    Active: Pretty much the same way.

    I'm not sure what changes I want from this skill but for the sake of balance there's no bonus attack range from this skill.

    These are some of my ideas for Aatrox so guys what do you think?
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