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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Tips for playing Ekko mid against ranged opponents?

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    Tips for playing Ekko mid against ranged opponents?

    I just needed some help playing Ekko mid,

    usually when I am versing a ranged person they can steal all of my cs and just attack me from far away. As soon as i come close to them, they just auto-attack me from far away and that makes me lose the lane early game and then I can't finish my build and they are ahead of me by like 2 levels.

    How can I fix this? Do I just swap lanes with someone? Do i peel at them w/ my Q? Not sure what I can do really :(
  • Answers (3)

    Kevvin | November 2, 2016 6:15pm
    I used to play ekko mid for a long time and I have some tips that could help you.
    take tp so you can get back to lane quick and i think it's much better than ignite in any part of the game.

    for the first item, i suggest you to buy the catalyst of aeons and build into rod of ages. It give you a good chunk of health, mana and ap(catalyst of aeons dont give you any ap)

    use the 3 hit and run like a ***** move. when u use your e,(the next thing i'm saying is very important)your next teleport, not dash to the enemy, so they can not deny it. Right before you hit him with your e, throw your q, so they already got 2 stack of your passive and slowed from your q. You can easily hit him with the next auto(or not)and your q will come back do some extra damage, and of course, you run away like a ***** and try to dodge their skill shots.

    USE YOUR W, IT'S MUCH MORE USEFUL THAN YOU THINK. STUN HIM, and u can easily do your 3 hit and run like a ***** move.

    last tip dont die
    Sothmeister | October 24, 2016 6:11am
    Depends what champion you're facing. If it's someone like a Leblanc you wont get very far. Just farm with Q and try and cs under tower. Only go for trades if you can GUARANTEE your W shield will go off (doesn't have to be the stun) then go for your basic combo for trading and back up.

    If you're vs someone like an Azir you're able to poke him down pretty easily, E to avoid soldier positionings after his Q and he can't entirely do anything.

    But overall. Trade only when you can get your W's shield or want to all in via ult. Or play safe
    GrandmasterD (531) | November 19, 2016 12:09pm
    I don't play Ekko but I have played melee champions in mid and mostly just focus on farm with the tools you have, but don't run OOM or take too much damage for a creep; sometimes you gotta lose out. Later just make plays with jungle and try to roam. Also, I think Teleport helps a lot with this.

    I hope you will do much better, also I hope the experts will be able to tell you more and help you with more details :)
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