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League of Legends (LoL) Question: What to Do with Toxicity in Ranked

Posted in General | Tags: Soraka 4,510

  • PerfectPhoenix

    What to Do with Toxicity in Ranked

    So, I've played League for a while and I actually do want to get back into Ranked again. Key word being back.

    I've barely got two matches into my placement when I stopped entirely due to how much the enemy team hated me. First time was entirely my fault: I was Vel'koz laning against a very strong Malzahar and he destroyed me (With no gank from our Amumu jungler). After that, I started looking into how to improve and played on Draft endlessly, practicing my lanes and I mastered support and a way better mid lane game. So I went into my second game as Soraka (Who I'm Mastery 7 with, btw), as our Twitch fought against Caitlyn and Nautilus. Despite things being really shaky and me dying twice, our ADC wasn't dying and kept up his farm during laning phase, but the enemy team hit us hard. I even tried to ward a bush and I got yanked in.

    Worst part about that was the entire team flaming me for being the worst support and inting for the team. I even got the whole team reporting me despite doing my job as a support. I even saved the lives of everyone with the ult.

    Now, I just really want to get into at least Bronze before the Season ends, but I'm legit afraid to go back due to the toxicity. I'm afraid of Ranked entirely, but I just want something to show my time in League when Season 8 comes out.
  • Answers (7)

    PsiGuard (1495) | October 25, 2017 11:10pm
    I recently learned that "/fullmute all" mutes all players and their pings on both teams. If you're having any trouble focusing because of people misusing pings, this can be nice. It's a bit of a downside not having the potential useful pings from your team, but personally I play better with them off most of the time, especially if I'm a bit tilted.
    PerfectPhoenix | November 5, 2017 8:34pm
    Thanks for the comments. I followed what you guys said and I actually finished all my placement matches. I'm officially for the end of the season, a Bronze 1. Honestly though I'd be lower, what with 9 losses and a victory, but it placed me on top of Bronze.
    Potato Power (4) | October 29, 2017 5:23am
    "/mute all" is enough, and tbh the best solution is to mute the toxic guy only and in certain situations you unmute him after he cools down, thats atleast how I deal with people, I dont let them trigger me but I still want to talk to them.

    And if someone is toxic (mostly on teammate mistakes) try to be positive and if he is toxic on you say sorry to boost his moral, one game I was punching a ward (too adicted to that) and there was a free kill what soraka attacked and she needed my help, she died and blamed me, because of her preassure I could not think straight and told her "dont attack if I dont follow" but tbh it was my fault that I did not attack, and now I feel bad for not admitting my fault because she was probably triggerd and I was triggerd too instead that we are bouth happy.
    LevasK (108) | October 25, 2017 8:16pm
    Well, this is a simple issue; you can't stop your teammates from being toxic, but you can mute them all, so hit that MUTE button, and enjoy your toxicity free games.
    VexRoth (78) | October 26, 2017 8:15am
    Okay, if you are getting grief from the enemy team that is bothering/tilting you, then go into your settings and un-check the box for All-chat. That way you won't see anything from the enemy team in chat. The enemy team isn't ever going to tell you anything useful in chat so it is no loss. I turned it off a while ago and don't plan on looking back.

    /mute all will prevent anything from your team or the enemy team from showing up in chat. You will still get pings though which is just fine for communication 90% of the time.

    I don't /mute all by default as very occasionally one of my teammates will tell me something useful. I do frequently mute individuals on my team that annoy me via hitting Tab and using the mute button for the individual player or players. You can also mute pings individually in the Tab menu. I seldom mute pings from individual players but sometimes it becomes necessary.

    As Psiguard said, /fullmute all can be your key to an annoyance free gaming experience. No pings or chat from anyone show up. Ah, sweet silence.

    If you are playing a squishy champion and find yourself getting jumped on when you go to ward consider upgrading to the Farsight Alteration trinket. I definitely do this when I'm playing a squishy midlaner or ADC and will consider it the second time I die while warding as a support. Though that means giving up the ability to sweep for wards with a Sweeping Lens / Oracle Lens.

    A little known fact is that if you don't upgrade your Sweeping Lens to an Oracle Lens, the area that the Sweeping Lens covers gets a lot bigger after level 9. So that can sometimes give you enough range to sweep a bush without getting too close to it. Downside is that it still only covers one fixed location rather than moving with you, so you can't sweep as much territory for wards or traps.

    If still find yourself having some struggles go watch a high level support like Aphromoo and see what they do. When they go to ward. How they position in lane. When they go for roam plays. What they say about why they are going aggressive or playing passively. People are generally less inclined to be critical if they think you know what your doing.
    G_d1 | October 28, 2017 10:44am
    Try more in normal before enter in rank.

    A few guys were toxic with me at start because i was a bad player and i understand it.

    Now i am not the best player but i am not the worst in the most game, so they aren't toxic with me.
    ZachDoodlez7 (8) | October 27, 2017 10:18am
    Mute them, report them.

    If you are tilted, take a break.

    - from a non-ranked player
    blazeoflight (2) | October 25, 2017 11:13pm
    The mute button will be your best friend. A lot of people like to blame support even though the support does everything they can possibly do. Just mute, ignore and have fun. And if you do get **** from the enemy team then just turn off the group chat. I'm thinking about starting ranked for the first time next season and keeping my own advice in mind. Remember, just have fun. Good luck in your future games :)
    Akikoub (8) | October 26, 2017 7:37am
    I am a toxic player and flammer and i'll tell you reason why i'm toxic.
    1- im toxic when i play ranked only because its a ranked match and i take always inr anked my best champion in the lane to win i go most support.
    2- im toxic because i see i play with an adc who doesnt main his champion its like they test adc champions in ranked and i play champions with masteries lv.5 -6 -7 and they go with champions 0 masteries, so i flame when they fail ina aneasy fight they run or go safe and let me die.
    3- im toxic when i ping adc to stop pushing the lane and freez it but he dont listen and keep hitting minions and lose the farm.
    4- im toxic when i poke the enemy team and sorry for my abilities that it takes 1-2 minions in the way and the adc start complaining of stop ks cs or i go afk.
    5- im toxic when the adc rage quite for failing to take a kill and i take it because i used ignite.
    6- im toxic when other lane fail hard against his enemy becaseu of their jungle is camping him and he keep pushing his lane.
    7- im toxic when adc has no hp because of lot of poke and he stay to farm or defend the turret while he is easy kill by a flash shot or a dive by 3
    8- im toxic when top is getting owned by an ap player and your top player is buying damage not magic resistance
    more and more list is long to say why we are toxic its not because we are, its because you deserve to be flammed in a ranked game, get enough lessons in draft then go for ranked to be honored
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