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League of Legends (LoL) Question: When should I not pick/ pickThresh?

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  • iulan

    When should I not pick/ pickThresh?

    So Thresh is by far my favorite champion to pick but I'm not sure when I should avoid picking him. Are there any ADC's/Supports that I shouldn't pick him against or is the ADC not that big of a deal? Also are there certain ADC's that work well with Thresh?
  • Answers (3)

    7daysko (7) | October 21, 2017 11:58pm
    In general, you should always avoid picking Thresh (or supports that are based on CC or grabs like Leona, Blitz etc) when you are playing against Morgana. When she uses her black shield on the ADC, she makes them immune to any form of CC, and Thresh's spells all have the same idea of locking an enemy down. Poppy is also a very annoying support to lane against, as her W doesn't allow you to get close to her ADC after landing your hook.

    As for ADCS, everything that has mobility is technically a counter. For example, Ezreal, Lucian and Kalista. Sivir is also very hard to deal with unless you get very close to her, as her spell shield won't let you grab her from a distance at all.
    7daysko (7) | October 22, 2017 9:01pm
    KidsBopFTW is right. Caitlyn is only good during the laning phase and during the super late game, unless she gets far far ahead early. She is generally a threat during the laning phase because of her range and headshot crits, which give her damage few ADCs can contest that early.

    Of course, if Cait somehow gets behind during the laning phase as a result of ganks or misplays, her damage output feels low and most meta ADCs outscale her and her range (when you look at Tristana and Kog).

    In general, picking Thresh into Caitlyn isn't a bad idea. Yes, she can poke you and your ADC and there isn't much you can do, but Thresh can set up for ganks very easily, and like I mentioned, early ganks are probably the most effective way to counter her. Basically be careful when entering a brush as she might have laid traps there to catch you off guard. As for her E, try to predict how and when she will use it, as she only travels in one direction and can be easy to grab if you're close enough.
    KidsBopFTW | October 22, 2017 4:38pm
    Cait is a pain to play against early game for any champ because of her range advantage. Once you get a successful gank or 2 the lane becomes much easier just based off of the pressure from you and your jungler.
    iulan (2) | October 22, 2017 12:40pm
    Thank you for the answer! I know Morg is a pain but wasn't really sure who else was a counter. Is it smart to pick Thresh against Cait? It seems like every time I come up against her the W and E seem to keep me at a distance
    orrvaa (41) | October 23, 2017 8:23am
    Tresh is used to make opportunities to engages for your team and make it harder for the enemy team to disengage while he do it (beside of help your team mates disengage).

    The key for this purpose is having a good hook to start the "party" then E or R and the follow of your team mates. For these 2 things you should not have enemy that stop you from continuing the engage (such as Morgana, Taric, Leona and so on), and you should have team mates that have a bit of sustain or range so they can follow you easily.

    But remember that until high gold or even above you should take the champion you have better mechanics with because it will give you more then taking champion you not good enough with while there may be a huge skill difference from what you expect from the enemy members
    RavaszEmber | October 22, 2017 7:25pm
    Support main here, I generally pick thresh whenever my team needs someone heavy (as in heavy tank) with a lot of cc. By rule of thumb don't play thresh into morg because of her spell shield. Also you can play thresh into someone like blitz, because if you q him he just has to press q back at you to win the trade. (Zyra is also a kinda bad match up because of her plants but it's doable.) Thresh is very flexible though, I encourage you look up some guides on here to see what some more experienced players have said.
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