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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Why doesn't Urgot's Q apply on-hit effects and lifesteal?

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    Why doesn't Urgot's Q apply on-hit effects and lifesteal?

    Urgot is a pretty weak champion: he has consistantly had one of the lowest win rates in the game, earning him a pathetically low pick rate and causing many to consider him a 'troll pick'.

    The problem with Urgot is that after his 2nd or 3rd item, his damage really falls off. This makes him somewhat of a 'one-trick pony' champion who almost always wins lane but has a mediocre late game.

    If Urgot's Q were to apply on-hit effects and lifesteal, this would mean Urgot maintains his primary flaws (immobility, poor scaling, etc) but improves his late game power somewhat and opens up many more build paths for him.
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    Ekki (86) | February 13, 2016 6:55am
    The way I see it, Urgot's problem is the lack of cohesion in his kit. All his basic abilities point towards being an adc, who should stand back while dealing significant damage to enemies. And then his ult says f*ck all that and throws you in the middle of their team (or under a tower, or just wrecks your positioning), as if you were a tank.

    The idea is that he represents a blend of tank and marksman, but those two might be opposite paths (damage dealer backline squishy VS heavy cc front row tank). I guess Riot hasn't given up yet and probably has been looking for the right approach, but as long as he's the clusterf*ck he is they made sure he doesn't get too much play (an unhealthy kit that sees too much play is a clear indicator of being OP). Hopefully they found something that doesn't involve a full rework, as the newest patch adds an AoE fear to the ult after landing.

    EDIT: Oh, regarding the "lifesteal+on hits on Q", I doubt that's the solution he needs. It might be a decent buff if he ever needs one, but that won't solve all his problems by itself.
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