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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Zilean & Fountain of Life Rune

Posted in Runes | Tags: Zilean 4,150

  • ultrarafasam

    Zilean & Fountain of Life Rune

    So, I'm new to LOL by a large margin,I guess,and I following various builds. One that catches my attention is one with Fountain of Life. The rune mentions that when you impair a champion' movement,any ally that attacks that champion heals. I tried the rune and found out it really works(not that I thought it wouldn't,is that works efficiently) and started using it until then

    I made some research and didn't find anyone else using this build when it has proven actually useful.

    Sure,the Resolve sub page isn't great on this kind of support,but his combo stun and this rune made me happy with the rune.

    It's something I'm missing? Shouldn't this be used more often? The healing isn't all that great,but it's a alternative to using the Summoner Spell.

    Thanks for the attention
  • Answers (3)

    Hamstertamer (74) | September 18, 2018 6:21am
    Well it's not horrible, but it's not insanely good either. And it's not like nobody runs it, look at this guide for example.

    The good :
    - Works on both your Q stun and your E slow
    - Resolve tree makes you tanky early game
    - Procs Ardent Censer

    The bad :
    - Healing is extremely weak. 5 + 1% max health, so on a 2k health Zilean, it's 25. Lol.
    - Doesn't work on yourself, so pretty bad for lane sustain
    - Requires your ADC to get in range and right-click, so pretty bad for lane sustain
    - Requires you to stun an enemy with double Q (unreliable and rare), or to slow them with E (very short cast range). So you don't proc it that much.
    - Incompatible with Bone Plating.

    So yes, it could make sense if you want to play censer Zilean (with Summon Aery, so censer works on your E as well). Playable, but it has problems, that's why people generally run other stuff instead.
    moon827 (14) | September 18, 2018 10:58am
    Im going to start off by saying that i dont have a lot of knowledge or games on Zilean, but i think he maybe could work with Font of Life if you run something like Guardian for the keystone, and build a little tankier, while still getting some ap, maybe something like Rod of Ages into Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The main problem i see with it is that it would be very situational, and would pretty much only work against a weak poke lane (something like Corki / Janna). Also to make the full use of the healing, your adc would have to take Legend: Bloodline so that they can capitalize on the healing with lifesteal.

    Hope this helps,

    freight train722 | September 21, 2018 11:10am
    on zilean specificaly it would not be BAD its just not amazing either zilean can have a pretty good single target cc chain but hes still not the type of champ its intended for.

    heres what we want from champions trying to fully use fountain of life:

    -cc type doesnt matter

    -cc has long duration and or low cooldown

    -cc is aoe

    -champion can stack lots of hp

    the best user of this as far as i know is olaf. olaf q if he picks up his axe is a perma slow that can reasonably it all 5 enemy champs while olaf stacks tons of hp.

    they rune has to be balanced with abusers in mind so then champs who are just ok with it generally dont want to use it.
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