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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Zoomed In Header on Guide

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    Zoomed In Header on Guide

    I've been spending a while now making this talon guide, but so far the major issue that I have found is trying to make a good header.

    This is the guide and I've tried a dozen times using the snipping tool into imgur method yet every time I do this it always ends up very zoomed in.Is there any easy way to fix this, I'll continue to work on this guide until I find a way to solve it.
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    PsiGuard (1482) | March 9, 2020 6:26pm
    You'll need to crop the image to 762x125px to get it to display the part of the image you want to be the header.
    orrvaa (40) | March 9, 2020 4:17am
    we can't see the guild since you didn't published it probably.
    ControlLoL (1) | March 9, 2020 5:25am
    Ah ok, I don't wanna publish it because there is a lot I want to do though, so maybe I'll just go on without headers and at the end try to find a way to fix it.
    orrvaa (40) | March 9, 2020 3:23pm
    good luck,

    try play with the size of the image until you get what you want :-)
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