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Apfeljack's Mobafire Blog

13 Aug
Luther was really persistent on me creating a blog about my drawings, so here we go.

I suck at making graphics and signatures which is why I still don't have one. I'd like to request some pretty ones. In exchange, I'd love to draw a little picture for you.

Here are a few examples of my stuff:

I usually draw and paint digitally but I'm currently on vacation in Germany and I didn't take my tablet. But...
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07 Aug
And it doesn't stop with just spending Riot Points for useless skins.

They sent this email about Riot at gamescom in Germany.
Next thing I know, I had preordered a 4-days ticket for the event and I'm already flying to Germany in two hours.

I'm not even interested in all the other exhibitions there. Been at gamescom in 2009 before and there was nothing but smelly people standing 9 hours in line just to play Tekken 6.

So, I'll just be there, four days hanging around the LoL area. This company owns me so hard. :(

But at least I have free...
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07 Aug

Views: 801 Just some QQ.

Solo queue:
First thing I heard in champion select was "Apfel don't feed". Olaf had looked up my match history while the bans were going on.

I held an even lane with that enemy Gragas while all the other team mates just kept dying in their lanes and jungle.
Gragas picked up some easy kills from stupid Ezreal solo in enemy jungle. GG.

But all I hear is " Orianna you're so bad, I don't give you blue buff anymore!"

In the meantime Olaf and Sona were chasing and killstealing...
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09 Feb
I didn't want to boast about it in my guide (would seem kinda cocky) so I chose to write a blog entry instead.

After I had worked on completing my Ahri guide for several days in a row, it was great to return to the Fields of Justice and actually play a good old 5on5 match in Summoner's Rift again.

Even though we lost this match (pretty bad teamplay), it ended up in lots of praise for me from the enemy team....
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