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Calibern's Mobafire Blog

18 Feb

Views: 1082 Udyr

So I was getting bored so I decided to random in a normal match. I got Udyr... normally I don't play Udyr because of his skill cap. But I went pheonix stance, and just burned through the jungle. I only used my Smite once before the jungle was gone. I thought that was natural cause he's Udyr and then I dreaded ganks. Ganks were always the hardest to do on Udyr. His ganks weren't bad in fact I absolutely ate the enemy team. Late game I was unstoppable they barely did any damage against my turtle stance. Ended the game 11/1/7. So anyone have a champion they like to play?
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03 Feb

Views: 1663 Losing Streak

So basically I hit a huge losing streak. Of the last 30 games I played I lost 22 of them. Normally I don't mind a couple of losses here and there, but this is getting ridiculous. I do well in my lane and destroy the opposition. Some how the enemy team gets fed by someone and just aims me even if I'm the offtank. I usually would give it more time, but it has been happening for about 2 weeks now and I've been getting sick of it. I was wondering any advice on how to get out of my slump?
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27 Dec

Views: 1048 My Guide

I have no time to update my guide, so I decided to archive it. Most of infomation in it is still good, but I don't think I'll be able update it if a huge change comes. So until I can find some more time to work on it, it will remain archived. Xin Zhao, Bane of Squishies For anyone who is looking for my guide, just click on the link.
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21 Nov

Views: 785 My Blog

I feel left out, because I haven't made a blog yet. So I'm just gonna post something and see how people react.

I found this picture incredibly blissful and breathtaking. It fills me with a sense of nostalgia. It reminds me of my uncle's back yard (it is a mountain side with those types of flowers), and the memories that go along with it.

This is the song I am currently addicted to. I can't put my finger on it, but something about them seems makes me feel sad...
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