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03 Jun
What changed in bot lane?

- Zyra root on Grasping Roots increased at all ranks.
- Blade of the Ruined King cost decreased.
- Bloodthirster cost decreased.
- Maw of Malmortius magic resist and passive shield increased.
- Last hit assistance installed: Basic attacks that would kill a minion by 4 health or less now kills them.

- Rakan had his Gleaming Quill nerfed, deceasing his heal at all ranks. Battle Dance also grants a weaker shield at all ranks.
- Fleet Footwork now grants less healing. No longer gives extra...
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17 May
What changed in bot lane?

- Bard's Caretaker's Shrine mana cost decreased by 20.
- Perfect Timing now gives Stopwatch at 8 minutes instead of 10.
- Demolish damage increased by 50.

- Chrysalis health reduced by 10.
- Bone Plating damage reduction reduced.
- Kill streak bounties now only grant gold to the killer. Gold from bounty reduced at all ranks.

- Warding Totem lives longer, but has a longer cool down.

How will this effect bot lane ?

I expect there to be little to no changes to occur in bot lane...
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21 Apr
What changed in bot lane?

- Nautilus Base mana increased, More starting AD, Dredge Line cooldown decreased at early levels.
- Lethal Tempo attack speed bonus increased
- Oracle Lens can now be obtained at level 1

- Braum Armor growth down, Stand Behind Me Resistance bonus decreased at all ranks.
- Janna has slightly less movement speed, W deals slightly less damage at all ranks.
- Kai'Sa Health regen and health regen growth decreased, Icathian Rain AD ratio decreased at all ranks.
- Sion Decimating Smash...
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07 Apr
What changed?
There was a lot of buffs this and very few nerfs this patch, to mostly champions, and a few items. However not too many changes are going to effect bot lane this patch. With that being said i'm going to only look at the changes that I think will have a impact on bot this patch.

I think the following will have a impact on bot:
- Lux mana refund on Final Spark increased, easier to get refund.
- Guinsoo's Rageblade cost 300 more gold.
- Ninja Tabi grants less armor, but basic attack damage reduction is increased
- Relic Shield and its upgrades...
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