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EdisonKhoo's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Khoo

08 Nov
Hello there everyone I am EdisonKhoo. Actually I have a question, why almost everyone downvote an incompleted guide? We should tell them to archived the guide and finish the build before republish isn't it? So yeah, why would almost everyone downvote incompleted guides, please tell me :)
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09 Oct
Hi, My name is Edison Khoo, I am a chinese and I lived in Malaysia :). I am 13 years old now(I am still studying of course). I am a SEA League of Legends Player and I main Support. I like to use some champions to support like Thresh, Annie, Soraka etc. I am doing a Annie support guide right now but it has some problems and it is incomplete so I haven't publish it. I am a decent player so hope I could learn much from you guys ^_^.
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