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Embracing's Mobafire Blog

04 May

Views: 490 Malzahar

I'm gonna pick him up and re-learn him.
Will revamp guide, too (old format sucked ****)

yea :D
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29 Apr

Views: 520 HOLYSHIT

6 day week with school on saturday and "so-calld holiday" for 3 days (sun mon tues)

in reality = 19 day week: 6 day week + 1 day of SAT class, SAT hw, SAT vocab, + 1 day of SAT + hw + 1 day to do 6~7 projects with 4 tests + 3 days of school + 2 weekends of AP test review + 1 day of AP review + 1 day of AP test + 3 days of school

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11 Apr
So I realize I'm improving at a good rate at this skill level when I play Riven, but I feel like I'm not that good with my knowledge on champion capabilities (I only know them to a basic level)

ANYWAYS I'm going to be doing a marathon-ish thing. I'm gonna play a champ to a certain skill level and then switch to another champ.

So first on my list is Tryndamere (i told my friend to pick a random number and he gets out tryndamere lawl)


EDIT: I'm doin this on my lvl 21 account on another server
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25 Mar
So, I have a level 30 account in one server and a level 21 in another (Both Chinese) and I will be starting my elo climb and hardcore Riven practice!

My Riven guide should be up by June or July; I've got a bunch of stuff to do at school *-*
May I have AP
June I have SAT

With the spare time I have I will play on the Chinese server.
The most idealistic elo I would get would be 2k, and I am aiming for at least 1.6k.
I have a major problem right now with making mistakes in game; need to fix that.
Need to work on mechanics as well.

Also, I updated my Renekton guide a bit and...
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