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20 Feb
I feel people are forgetting the basic concepts of pushing lanes.

You generally WANT to push your lane so the enemy tower can deny your enemy.

You DON'T want to, however, because you don't want to get ganked.

But let's say, for example, the enemy jungler is at bot and you are at top. You are perfectly fine to push your lane to the enemy tower. The tower will force the enemy to miss cs. And even better, if the enemy laner isn't there, you can deny them a lot of xp.

Learning to freeze lanes is vital to success as a laner!

Also, another thing about towers.

You DON'T want...
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02 Feb
I've decided a while ago that my next guide will be on Riven.

I'm planning to fully learn her and understand her abilities. I personally do not like any of the Riven guides on the top right now, as I believe they're mostly incorrect.

I first need to practice Riven and master her completely before writing a guide though.

I'll probably start the guide in summer.

This is gonna be a long term project, as I will be learning Riven over the next few months.

Just wanted to give a shout out to people for my future plans.

^ ^
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