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19 Apr
Welcome everybody!

Today I am going to talk a bit about a game that I had a few days ago. I also got some questions at the end about mid lane, so let's get started right away.

Match History
TL;DR : Questions

So, I was playing Azir for the first time. (I only play Team Builder nowadays, it's so much more efficient when you are trying to learn certain positions in my opinion)
My opponent, unfortunately, was also playing Azir. We had a little talk here and there about what to do...
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14 Apr
Welcome everybody,

I don't know if anybody even remembers me but

I am back!

It is true, I am back now. What has kept me from blogging on Mobafire you might ask? Well, here is your answer : Real Life.
I was blogging in 2012. That year, I graduated from school, got accepted in a college/university right after graduation and didn't really have much time to do anything :/ I even stopped playing League for about a year and checked back in for a few months after that....
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18 Jul
Hey guys,
today I wanted to ask you something about 2 champions: Orianna and Graves.

I'll start with Orianna because I have already bought her.
Is Orianna a viable support? I've seen them a lot on EUW and they all dealt so much damage as support(starting with faerie charm and wards). Now I bought her because she was buffed and I needed a new mid champ and wanted to test a new support. Do you think she can be as good as a Soraka Support or Alistar?

Next will be Graves.
I always wanted to test him and he's really really fun. First game I had to go mid thanks...
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16 Jul
Hey guys,
today I just want to tell you that I recently signed up on DeviantArt and that I am going to show off some of my creations that I find worthy enough to publish.
If you want to use specific signatures that I publish there, you can ask me in the comments or via PM.

Thanks for reading,
I'm out!
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13 Jul
Hey guys,
I recently bought Ezreal and wanted to play him as an AP mid champ... First thing I noticed was that he is a lot easier to play than most other AP carries. Second was that I get flamed everytime I pick him and tell them that I go mid.

Another thing is that I played AD Ezreal on bot 3 times now and all 3 times I ended up being fed like 11/3... I wonder if AD Ezreal is really that strong or if he is one of those champs I have talent for. Normally, I do not play AD carries because I fail hard with them, really hard. But with Ezreal I always got fed yet.
I really begin to...
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