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23 Jul
So a little update.

Still working on the guide, I should stop setting times for me to get things done, I never get them done xD. I recently got my old computer back and I might start up a stream, no promises though. Been struggling in diamond 2, just trying to claw my way into diamond 1 and maybe challenger, but man is it tough work. Been playing other games to take my mind off it so I don't get burned out, as well as musing over my tier list. I have no idea why I'm posting this.

EDIT: yolo stream:
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11 Jul
I said i'd give throat some competition and I was kinda bored and did this in champselect/queue/load screen while solo queueing. This isn't necessarily restricted to competitive play or solo queue, just who I think is the best in their respective roles atm. If someone is missing, it means don't play them, or I forgot :P. You can leave a comment below for clarification. Someone being ahead of someone in a tier DOES mean I think they are better or at least equal. An asterisk means they were changed in 3.9 and I'm a bit unsure of their placement.

Tier 1: Nunu*, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin...
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21 Apr
Ok i've calmed down now. The reason I posted the previous one is because after about the 25th loss in about 30 games, of which probably only 5-7 of them were games I legitimately could have changed the outcome of, I finally got pissed enough to rant publicly. Do i know what i expected to get in response when I posted it? Yes, I've seen these types of rageposts all the time on GD forums. Did I care at the time? Hell no. I was just angry as **** and in my rage posted it. I haven't stopped this skid, but I'm done and over it. Sorry to anyone I may have offended.

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