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21 Apr
cant buy a win. **** this game. doesnt matter how good i do, cant win. before anyone says the standard answer of, oh dont focus on your teams mistakes, focus on your own, i just want to say there is literally nothing i can do to rectify some of these criminal mistakes my teammates have made in 90% of these games on this 30 game skid ive had. nothing.
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21 Mar

Views: 429 Gangplank?

I think i've made GP work again for me.

Needs moar testing, but I might actually update my guide. Stay tuned.
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03 Mar
Wanted to test my throat and my computers rendering speed before I even attempted commentating a game and was met with mixed success. Rendering time isn't too bad, but my throat gets dry as fk which makes it commentate for an extended period of time. Something like a 30-40 minute game would kill me. (This is pretty long already).

Video located here

I will fix my mic for the next video so it isn't as scratchy and so that you can hear me without blasting your speakers, and I'll also make it so you can actually see the tier list without the...
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03 Mar
Now that I'm (hopefully) finished with all the major things about my Darius guide for a bit, I have some time to make some other stuff. I'm thinking of making an AP malphite guide, a mid mordekaiser guide, or a shen guide. I initially wanted to make a lee sin guide as I have a ton of experience playing him in high and tournaments, but I see a lot of lee sin guides out there and there has to be at least one good one. Right?

As for my jax and gangplank guides, I started overhauling them, but gangplank really is unsalvageable upon further testing, and there seems to be decent enough Jax...
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