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23 Apr

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I usually don't play Ranked on weekends, but I think I played ranked all week last week. For every 1 win I got 2 losses, I was at the brink of dropping down a league all the time till I got a small winstreak. Well, I got more bad teamcomps, bad junglers and bad top laners (anything really) and I didn't play well either in every game. Opposing to my last post about LoL's rotten community I got only like 3-5 flamers in my teams (I played A LOT of games), so I don't mind that I actually dropped down a league eventually.

On Sunday I played like 10 matches, went offline, then came back to...
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24 Mar

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I've probably had the worst weekend in LoL since I started 2 years ago. I have no idea why on weekends everyone is plain rude starting from hero picks and then it culminates into 2 people afking, because they thought our mid was feeding - he had 4 deaths and the rest of us had 3 excluding top lane. They hated mid from the start, because he instalocked. That means I got 3 idiots in my team.
Is it ok to complain about having 2 afk ******s in my team? Is it ever justified to flame teammates, even if they go afk at lvl 5 in a ranked match, because the enemy jungler ganked before our jungler...
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23 Mar
Finally, we got Lulu the Fae Sorceress! A fairy champ I've been dying to have!

People like me who absolutely love supports have been waiting for a new support a long time. Yesterday I bought Lulu and found that she's a really unique and very fun to play support with multiple playstyles (one being CC/shielding support, one being more damage based support and ofc there's...
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