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Jpikachu1999's Mobafire Blog

22 Aug

(Zoom in on the pic, can't get it to resize properly)

9 minute legendary too strong. Landing Zenith Blades like a boss.

12 minutes in, Darahas ( Corki) gets his Infinity Edge. 13 minutes in, we get our first dragon. 14 minutes in I steal red by myself from Vayne :3 25 minutes in, Corki finally dies at 17~ kills and 4 assists.

Push to win, and victory! Teemo tried to throw, but he...
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18 Aug

So, this is the story of my life. Random as hell teams. Here's the story:

I'm playing Blind Pick, cause I want some fast wins. Poppy instalocks and calls mid, Jarvan instalocks and calls support, and Fiddle instalocks and calls jungle. Lee Sin decided to take top, and I decided to play AD Kennen for fun. No way we can win right?

We get into the loading screen, and I thought we were doomed. Honestly, how does Poppy win against Diana? How does Lee Sin win against new Garen? Bot...
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