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Katasandra's Mobafire Blog

21 Sep
Hey hey,

Did you know you can BBCode in icons/images? Well I didn't :(
Now if any of you saw my Table Coding guide you know you can do a lot of things with tables using borders, background color, padding and whatnot. But apparently you can also do (some) of those things with icons/images!

Starting with icons (since you can only do 1 thing with them):
You can add borders to them using border="??px style color".
For example:
Code: [[[icon=ice shard size=50 border="5px solid...
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09 Sep

Views: 348 Writing guides

Hey hey,

Another blog post that was supposed to be about some other niche component of writing guides. Unfortunately I ended up thinking about too many subjects, so many that they wouldn't fit in one blog post. I'd rather finish this in my holiday so I decided to not write a million blog posts about that.

No, I put it in a guide. You got to take those flimsy excuses for writing a guide right...?

Here's the link :)
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09 Aug
Hey hey,

Welcome to my very first blog post.

One aspiration of guide authors (including me) is to make a guide look nice and fancy. However, I feel like many authors make the mistake of trying to make their guide look nice without taking readability into account.
Readability? What?
Well, as a guide author you want to give your reader information.
The readability is an indicator of how easy the information gets across.
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