Hey hey,

Did you know you can BBCode in icons/images? Well I didn't :(
Now if any of you saw my Table Coding guide you know you can do a lot of things with tables using borders, background color, padding and whatnot. But apparently you can also do (some) of those things with icons/images!

Starting with icons (since you can only do 1 thing with them):
You can add borders to them using border="??px style color".
For example:
Code: [icon=ice shard size=50 border="5px solid darkslateblue"]

This is relatively simple (and MUCH easier than adding tables), however stuff like padding, background color and border-radius doesn't work (with icons).

However, all that works with images! Can you believe it??! Check it out:

Code: [img=https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/dream-thief-splash.jpg border="5px double Mediumpurple" border-radius=50px width=600px padding=10px bgcolor=darkslateblue height=auto]

I went through a lot trouble to make sure all the images were the right size for my Lissandra guide besides adding tables for borders and stuff like that. But you can just adjust all of those things in the image code ._.
Maybe one of you will find a use for this, maybe you won't. It's nice to know though :D