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24 Mar
Recently, while discussing League, I told my friend that it feels like every time I play I'm losing more of my soul. He replied that, when it comes to League, you lose your soul exponentially - that is, a little less each time, until after 800 games you're only down to a quark's worth every game, or so. I hope he's right. Because I feel like 800 games is a lot - in fact if every game is an average of 30 minutes or so, it means I've somehow already wasted 400 hours of my life on League of Legends... and that's only if every game is 30 minutes. You know some of them go up to an hour,...
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07 Dec
People who play League with me on a regular basis know that my play style is inherently passive. As a rule, I don't go in until I know that I can do something worthwhile. I spend a decent amount of time thinking about the pros and cons of a certain action, but I think, when it comes down to it, I'm not hesitant to the point where my performance suffers too hugely. I'm sure there are situations where I could go in, where I don't go in, for whatever reason, and I'm not saying I'm exempt from making horrible decisions, because of course I'm not. But, for what I feel is the majority of the...
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