Hai guis.

Recently I was watching the IPL5 stream. In between the k-pop they would occassionally show some LoL games, where I noticed CLG (and later other teams) begin playing a lot of Caitlyn + Nunu with Doublelift making some amazingly sexy plays and getting one pentakill and one almost-pentakill. After changing my pants, I decided it was time to play some Caitlyn.

Since then I have come to the conclusion that Caitlyn is the best **********ing champion in the game, so to pre-empt everyone playing her I'll be writing a new Caitlyn guide to replace my old one which I released almost exactly one year ago when I was really bad.

If anyone's interested here are a couple new things I've figured out so far:

-ArP runes were nerfed so AD is probably better now.

- Infinity Edge was nerfed and it also takes FOREVER to build an IE considering Vampiric Scepter is now twice the price and you need to build it. This makes Bloodthirster more attractive in many circumstances especially since it was actually buffed.

-Starting with a Doran's Blade or a Long Sword can be pretty ridiculous. Hitting two or three good Qs can pretty much gg your lane.

-Utility tree is now more attractive so 21/0/9 (or 21/6/3) is likely.

-Playing with a Nunu & Willump support is ****ing godlike. It makes her lane ridiculous, fixes her ****ty midgame and makes her a god lategame. Nunu is a beast. If your support can't play Nunu make your jungler do it.

-Other supports that can work very well - Nami, Lulu, Sona, Janna

-Caitlyn has no losing matchups. Played well with a good support she can beat anything, and she's capable of completely destroying a lot of lanes.