Ok guys I just got off of the phone with my friend (hes a comedian). He mentioned to me a couple of jokes about WoW so i thought what if i could make and entire Blog Post about, jokes about LoL. If you have a joke to add please comment below or send me a PM.

1. What do you call a Sejuani who harrasses? A "Porker"
2. What is Malphite's Favorite song? Rock You like A Hurricane
3. What kinda of soup does Teemo Like? Mushroom
4. What do you call a bad Ashe? A (inappropriate content but if you send me a message i will tell the answer)
5. How do you figure out a good pun for a good Ryze? You say "I Real-Ryze that i am good"
6. How does Ahri propose? With her Taunt
7. Greybeard Veigar's favorite Quote? "Youuuuuu Shallll not PASSSSSSSSS!!!" then he throws up his cage
8. Volibear's favorite movie is? Winnie the Pooh
9. Why does Renekton not like shopping? Cause he's afraid he'll get picked out for a purse
10. Who is Garen's girlfriend? Fiora (cause thier both Op)
11. When does Karthus win? "Win" he doesnt use his ultimate
12. What kinda music does Amumu Like? "Wrap"
13. Alistar's Favorite restraunt? Longhorn's
14. What was Heimerdinger's greatest moment? When had three turrents around him
15. What movie and game did Lee Sin starr in? Karate Kid (Cause hes a ninja) Oblivion (Cause of those blind monks in the theives guild quest)
16. When was Twitch happy? When James Cagney said "You dirty rat"
17. Zilean's Favorite movies? Back to the Future I, II, and III
18. Fizz's worst fear? Ending up in a Sushi restraunt
19. Nautilus' favorite song? Under the Sea
20. In what video game did Olaf star in? Skyrim
21. In what video game did Shyvanna star in? Skyrim
22. Who is Shaco's Favorite villian? The Joker

Remember that these jokes are made by me and if i copied someone elses work (on mobafire) please let me know and i will credit them. If you have a joke to add I will credit you on it.


2. What is Malphite's favorite song? I wanna rock Zoppownz said Rock you like a Hurricane which is more funnier imo