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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Akali

27 Jul
Hey there this is me I wasn't good enough to get on T.V. lowest played champion in the League, Trundle yes that's me. If you feel I'm not good enough for your team, baby, just dodge go ahead and leave, double jungle and no solo top or mid lane, you be typing "hey this trundle's a real pain. I throw my ulti in your face gunna walk here, slow your pace and make sure you don't get away, I'm trundle, the troll, report me for intentionally, feedang!

The troll that's what the call me in 14 different countries, and maybe if you ask me nicely I'll break the icee's and please just don't...
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14 Jul
Ok guys I just got off of the phone with my friend (hes a comedian). He mentioned to me a couple of jokes about WoW so i thought what if i could make and entire Blog Post about, jokes about LoL. If you have a joke to add please comment below or send me a PM.

1. What do you call a Sejuani who harrasses? A "Porker"
2. What is Malphite's Favorite song? Rock You like A Hurricane
3. What kinda of soup does Teemo Like? Mushroom
4. What do you call a bad Ashe? A (inappropriate content but if you send me a message i will tell the answer)
5. How do you figure out a good pun for a...
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