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MyBloodisBlack's Mobafire Blog

21 Jan
Greetings and Salutations, It is I, MyBloodisBlack with yet another blog which will hopefully be more successful and alot more pleasant than my last blog that caused alot of issues and has taken my a while to get the confidence back to do another of these.

Since the pre-season of Season 4, the support role has become alot more player friendly due to the burden of warding being shared amongst team mates instead of the support rushing around the map getting bollocked for not warding then bollocked for not being with the team (A lose/lose situation if there ever was one).

But I have...
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23 Oct
I have attempted to become part of a League of Legends community for a while and considering the "good" reputation that Mobafire had I decided to give this site a chance, I came in with respect for it and the people that were already members here hoping to be educated and Taught how to truly play LOL from the "better players".

I was wrong...

Since I have joined Mobafire I have been the unfair victim of bullying, disrespect and disdain from the same people I showed the utmost respect for since I have arrived here and for what reason? All because they hate the fact...
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07 Sep
Salutations Fellow Summoners and welcome to another blog people will probably not read (Sigh)

Anyways I love League of Legends, I am sure 99% of us here do or we wouldn't be here (if you are in the 1%...why are you here exactly?), but when you love something you have to accept that there will be parts of it that you just. can't. STAND!!!

Here in this blog today I will point out 5 things that I personally just can't stand when playing League of Legends....some you might agree on and some you might think is just mean moaning about something for no reason but all in all that's what these...
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05 Sep
You may think I am telling you a Corki but I promise you this is true,
I woke up one morning had a Lux at the alarm clock and it was clear I was late,
So I Ryze out of my bed and made a dash to the shower, Now today was an important day so I knew I had to be Thresh but I was in such a hurry I didn't check the temperature and Singed my back in the hot water.

I Trundle back to my bedroom, my back so hot i feel it could turn to Ashe at any time, I got into my best clothes and my Nike Brand sneakers and went to give my friend a call, so i said...
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26 Aug
Greetings Fellow Summoners and Welcome to my very own review of some of the champions I have played as.

Please note this is my own personal review, some of the things I may say about certain champions may not be to everyone cup of tea and some may totally disagree with what is said but I write this merely from my very own experience playing League of Legend and not from the views of anyone else.

First review rightfully has to go to the first ever champion I played as, Soraka.
Now I understand...
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