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MyBloodisBlack's Mobafire Blog

29 Jun
Greetings and Salutations to all my fellow Summoners and Welcome to another one of my blogs.

When I first started playing League of Legends I wanted to get better so much that I was running around forums seeking advice, I was picking at friends brains trying to get any form of tips from them...Just the general panic learning basically and yes I did at times get good suggestions of how to get better like watching videos to trying out a certain champion.

But I have to admit I have now discovered the best tip you can be given to become a better player - A simple thing that when you learn...
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24 Jun
First and Foremost I am a skin collector in the game... I love all the skins and I buy loads whenever possible so I thought I would discuss on the biggest questions in League of Legends - Do skins actually make your champion better?

Well firstly you have the rumored skins that apparently do give you an edge compared to the original champions skins like the extra distance in the reach of iBlitzcrank to the extra area of damage given by Pool Party Ziggs bombs and the videos and game play footage that has been shown on Youtube do indicate that these do give an physical edge to your...
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21 Apr
Greetings and Salutations one and all and welcome to my blog

Yesterday something incredible happened, something that even after a good night sleep I am still buzzing from the thrill of it because I, MyBloodisblack achieved my very first pentakill in League of Legends :D.

Firstly the match up - I decided to go with Vi in the jungle because I love her power, her defensive capabilities (which was a big part of the pentakill) and just her cocky attitude just makes her really fun to play with :).
On my team we had Jinx and Lulu in bot lane, Nidalee in mid lane and Jax holding the top lane...
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17 Apr
Greetings and Salutations everyone and thank you for taking time out to read this blog :)

Now I have noticed alot of people have a bad impression of me here and I guess I am to blame for that because I can be quite hot headed alot of times but believe me when I do say that even though I am to blame for giving myself a bad reputation, that bad reputation is nowhere near the kind of person I really am in real life and hopefully with this I will be able to at least move that needle away from "Jerk" and close to the "Nice Guy" area that I am.

First of all lets get rid...
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13 Apr
Considering that alot of people decided recently to make me out to be a bad person for something that was not even a bad thing I have decided to write a blog about it.

Firstly here is the deal for those who may not know what happened, there was a thread discussing Teleport and someone mentioned that 'Clarity' had absolutely no use in the game - Now I didn't quite agree with this statement and merely offered my view on that some subject like a normal person would expressing my view that Clarity was not as "useless" as it was being out to be.

Now I feel that was a genuine...
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