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03 May
So yes, Im Back :D. My internet has been really terrible so I couldn't play, at first I didnt had internet at all. Then later I got internet, but it was terrible. So I bought an internet cable thats like 20m :).

Also I bought an account transfer from NA to EUw since I live in EUw. Which is really nice ^^. I also had a lan with my bf, which had a good timing cause of the transfer (they don't play on US >>).

In short, that was it. Planning on becoming more active.
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08 Oct

Thanks to Arcana3 for the sig :D!

Orianna. The Lady of the Clockwork. She is a ranged mage DPS. All her spells take use of The Ball. A tool Orianna carries around. She can use her spells to place the ball, or to have different abilities around the ball.

Interested? Visit my...

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02 Oct

So I play some ARAM from time to time. And I see it getting more and more popular. It is actually good for you to do sometimes as a player. A few hints to really get the experience you need from ARAM.

Never dodge. Adjust on the champion
As for champion experience, it's good to not dodge when you get a champion you bought, but never play. Or one that is free. It doesn't mather dont do that good, it's ARAM, all RANDOM. Random doesn't mean you always get the champ you want. Of course you can always try to trade, but it's not needed....
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29 Sep

So I´ve been enjoying to play Teemo on Twisted Treeline a lot. And I have been noticing that I am not the only one who does. Let's go over a few things why people do enjoy that.

He can go every way
If you look on a 2vs1 in bot lane (when you HAVE a jungler), Teemo is the man. He can pretty savely farm and when he hits 6 the tower is not in high danger. Also he can either go tanky bruiser or AP. And both builds work great on him. He can go top and bot too.

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